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Au Revoir Single Digit Life

on August 26, 2015

In just a few more days (actually on August 30th), it’s going to be my birthday again.  This year I’m turning ten years old and that means bye-bye to what my mom calls all those great single digit birthdays, and hello to my pre-teen years.  I’m not sure, but I think my mom is kind of sad because she keeps saying that her baby is almost all grown up.

I actually don’t like calling the next few years my pre-teen years because that sounds silly to me.  I like to just say I’m moving up to being a double-digit kid and that’s good to say because there’s way more double-digit years than single digit years.  So like my other grandpa says (the one that has the big books in his at-home library), “Au revoir, single digit life!

Grandma and grandpa are going back home on Friday, and they’re taking me with them so mom or my brother Aaron don’t have to stop doing her work and come get me and Uncle Bob or Aunt Sissy doesn’t have to stop what they’re doing and drive me home again.

Anyway, ten is a really big year I think for every single kid and I don’t know what makes it a really big year so I’m just going to let it happen and then tell you all about it as it happens.  That’s just how I roll (that’s one of Josh’s sayings so now I’m going to start saying it, too, because I think that’s what older kids say).

My Aunt Sissy’s going to take me shopping the afternoon before I go home with grandma and grandpa.  She says I need some older girl clothes but they sound like regular clothes to me:  skirts, shirts, and shorts.  Those are the three S’s of life except for when you also add dresses and designer fashions; then it’s the three S’s and two D’s of girl life.

When I get back home, I’m going to see if I can talk my other grandma into doing a girls’ spa day with me and mom.  I’m already sent a Facebook message to my friend Cassie at Shear Madness where I get my hair done to see if we can come together get our hair done and do mani-pedis.  I never had a mani-pedi before but now that I’m getting older, it’s probably time I started doing stuff like what my other grandma does.

I’ll let you guys know all about it after if I can get my grandma to go along with my idea.  If she says ‘yes’ then I know she’s going to help me bug my mom until my mom says ‘yes’  and then everybody will be saying ‘yes’ not just me and not just my other grandma.

I can hardly wait to get home.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it here at Aunt Sissy’s and Uncle Bob’s.  I do.  It’s just that the old-fashioned saying is right:  There’s no place like home.  And home is where I’m going on Friday.

P.S.  On Sunday (that’s August 30th and when my birthday is), you should visit me on my Facebook page and wish me happy birthday. I promise to say thank you to everybody one at a time and not like some people do when they have way too many Facebook friends and they have to make a status update that says, “Thanks everyone.”  I don’t have that many Facebook friends so I can still say thank you to everybody one at a time if they leave me a birthday message on my Facebook page.

P.P.S.  If I was Doctor Who, I would say allons-y, not just au revoir.  That’s because they’re both in French and Doctor Who likes to say allons-y.  My brother Josh sent me a email to tell me how to write that so it wouldn’t be wrong in my blog entry (he sent me a email because I sent him a email first asking how to spell the Doctor Who word and I’m really glad he knew which one I was talking about).


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