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Bandwidth Boo Hoos

on July 29, 2015

There’s so much fun stuff to do at my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy’s house that I hardly even notice that it’s not so easy to get Internet access like it is at my mom’s house up north.

That’s what Uncle Bob calls where we live, and when he says that it makes me laugh because we don’t really live up north. Up north is like Minnesota and Wisconsin. But that’s what Uncle Bob calls where my mom and brothers and me live, and I can sort of see that because it’s north of where Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy and my three boy cousins live so I guess that’s right.

But I’m not talking about what’s north and what isn’t north. I started out talking about the Internet isn’t so easy to get connected to compared to at home.

For starters, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy have a satellite connection and that’s not the connection we have at my mom’s house. That means that sometimes when it gets really overcast or it storms really badly, there’s zero zip Internet for everybody.

For another thing, there’s one family computer for everybody and one computer for Uncle Bob because he’s the boss of this house except that I think he probably lets Aunt Sissy use it but he doesn’t tell us. He says, “This here’s my computer and Lord help the person what puts his hands on my computer because if that happens, there’s not going to be any family computer for anybody.”

I get that message loud and clear. That’s Uncle Bob talk for don’t get him riled up by breaking the rules of the house.

Anyway, when you have three boy cousins and everybody has to share the family computer and everybody has to think about if there’s a storm a-comin’ (that’s how my Uncle Bob says it) and all that jazz (that’s how my mom says it), it gets pretty tricky figuring out who gets to go online when and for how long.

But I don’t mind too much because I like going outside and exploring and doing scientific experiments. I especially like sitting under the back porch really quiet early in the morning so I can wait to see the mommy bunnies show up in the back yard with all the baby bunnies that got born in the springtime. Sometimes I even draw pictures of them because that’s a quiet activity so the bunnies don’t get scared and run away fast into the underbrush and stuff.

So if I’m not on my Facebook page so much while I’m visiting my three boy cousins and Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy down here in Sevierville, it’s not because I forgot about all of my online friends. It means that the Internet is hard to get connected to, and the computer time gets shared at least four ways and maybe five ways if Aunt Sissy gets included in the time splitting of computer sharing.

Next week, I think maybe I’ll ask Uncle Bob to scan some of the bunny pictures I’m drawing so I can email them to my mom to put up on my blog. That would probably be fun and nice, and then you guys can see some of the cute bunnies I’m seeing in real life.

That’s all from me for now because I think maybe I’m going to sit under the back porch to see if I can see some deer wandering through the backyard. That happened already one time since I got here, and I hope it happens again like maybe today.


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