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Back To Basics

on July 22, 2015

That’s what my one grandpa calls traveling to Kentucky and Tennessee and Georgia and Alabama and places like that.  He always says, “Aaaaah! Gettin’ back to basics.”  I don’t exactly know what that means other than he really likes traveling to Kentucky and Tennessee and Georgia and Alabama.

So on Tuesday, my mom and my brothers and me, we were busy getting back to basics, and I’m going to be getting back to basics for a whole month at Uncle Bob’s and Aunty Sissy’s place.  Grandma and grandpa got back to basics two weeks ago already so we’re just catching up, and my cousins in Sevierville are always basic so I guess they’re kind of ahead of the game that way.

Anyway, on the night we got here, my grandma and grandpa took us kids in their car — that’s me and my cousins — to get a bite to eat (that’s another thing my grandpa says when he goes to a restaurant).  Except on the way to his favorite fast food place in Pigeon Forge, he made a sharp left turn and drove half way up this hill, and then he parked right in the middle of the road.  That was weird because there wasn’t a fast food place sign anywhere so I was thinking to myself that maybe grandpa forgot where we were headed and he was parking so grandma could remind him where we were going.

Then you know what happened?  There were fireworks in the sky and grandma said, “Oh, look kids!  Fireworks.”  I guess she figured maybe we forgot what they looked like because we saw fireworks already a lot of times at the beginning of July already.  But we didn’t remind her of that because it’s not nice to make people feel bad about forgetting things.

I was the most lucky because I had a window spot at the window that was close to the fireworks, so I saw them the best except for grandma because she was at the window spot in the front seat of the car, so she saw them like me.  The first ones were pretty okay but then there was the grande finale (that’s something my other grandpa says when you get to the best part of something and then it’s over) and it was like POW! POW! KAPOW POW! and there were sparkly color fireworks all over the sky.

And then there was nothing.

Grandpa started the car up again and he backed up on the hill which I think was the most scary part of the driving because what if a car decided to come up the hill when grandpa was going backwards down the hill?  But nobody said anything mostly because grandpa’s really old and you don’t get to be that old unless you know what you’re doing, so we figured he probably knew what he was doing.

Then my cousin that’s older than me said, “We hear that noise every single night out by our place.”  I was really surprised about that because I didn’t know that Uncle Bob liked fireworks so much that he sets them off every single night, but also, I’m really happy because maybe I can learn how to do that so I can do fireworks when I go back home after my Tennessee holiday.  I think that would be a great thing to learn how to do.

Maybe I have to get a learner’s license like you do if you want to know how to drive a car (Josh got his learner’s license for driving the car last month), and if that costs money, I’ll just ask grandpa to borrow me the money until I can pay him back next month.  I think he’ll say yes because he’s always saying it’s a good thing to always learn new things because you never know where you’re going to get a job someday.


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