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Bang A Gong

on July 18, 2015

You’re probably wondering what happened on Wednesday when I didn’t put a blog post up.  Maybe you were thinking I got myself in more trouble, and I kind of did but also I kind of did not.  The trouble I kind of got in wasn’t a consequence kind of trouble.  It was a different kind of trouble.

Josh and Aaron and me, we went hiking together on Monday, and that’s not the problem because Aaron is really old now (he’s a grown-up according to the law) and Josh is old enough to do lots of things like take driver’s ed, so that just leaves me that’s too young to do things by myself.

Anyway, we went hiking in the great spot that Aaron knows about and everybody took their own cameras so we could take pictures because that’s how we shoot things in nature.  And I saw this place that was probably a church once upon a time and it was all run down and maybe even it had a fire in it one time and that’s why it got all run down.  Here’s a picture of it.

Missy Hit Her Head
Isn’t that pretty?  So I asked Aaron if I could go closer and kind of around the place to take pictures and he said I could, but only if I promised to be superly careful and watch for snakes because if I accidentally bugged one, I could get bitten and that would be a very bad thing to have happen.

So I was taking pictures, and when I walked, I looked down at the ground to check to see if there might be snake waiting for me and that’s when it happened.  I didn’t see this!

Missy Hit Her Head 2
I didn’t fall down even though my head was hurting a whole lot and I was seeing cartoon stars in front of my eyes, and that’s mostly because I was scared maybe I would fall on a place where a snake family lived and then the mommy and daddy snakes would bite me a way lot because they would be protecting the baby snakes.  So I just stood up and hoped I kept standing up.

“Hey, what are you doing over there?  I thought I heard a gong!” Aaron shouted at me but I couldn’t tell him because if I talked, I was going to start crying and I don’t want my brothers to think I’m a big baby and then not take me hiking with them any more.  So I didn’t say anything and I guess I probably looked stupid or something because Josh came running over and he looked like he does when mom makes us eat spinach salad with supper.

“How many fingers do you see?” he asked.  He was holding up all of them, so I said, “All of them.”

“No, I mean how many as in the number you can count?” he asked, so I told him I saw three fingers up and two fingers down, and my head was really hurting bunches.  Then Aaron was there.

“She hit her head on this thing,” Josh told him, patting the pipe that hit my head.  Aaron started poking around in my hair like I was hiding a buried treasure up there.  I told him to stop that because my head was having the worst headache ever in my whole entire life.

“I’m looking to see if there’s a bump or something,” Aaron said, sounding just like our mom does when she means business so I stopped whining about my head hurting so he could keep on looking.  Then he asked if I was dizzy.

I wasn’t but I didn’t feel so good either so I told him I thought I was probably going to throw up, and plus my eyes were kind of crossed up.  He gave me some water out of his water bottle, and said we should probably go home early but I didn’t want to mess up his fun and Josh’s fun, so I said I was probably okay, and that I was just bumped up a bit.

Aaron did the grown-up thing and he made us go home anyway because that’s what grown-ups do (I don’t know why, they just do that sometimes).  When we got home, he told my mom what happened and she did what Aaron already did — she looked at in my hair to see if there was a big bump on it.

Then the next day when I got up, I was having some troubles paying attention to things my mom was saying to me, and my stomach was still kind of sick feeling.  She took me to see the doctor and he said I gave myself a concussion and that was strange because all I did was bong my head on that stupid pipe in the picture.  It’s not like I was playing football or something like that and got tackled!

He told my mom to take me home and make me rest a lot, so that meant no computer time for me.  But now I’m feeling way better and my mom said I can go back on the computer but if I overdo it on the computer, then I’m back off again.


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