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How To Run Roy’s Business

on July 8, 2015

Probably you remember that last month I kind of got myself in trouble and had to help Roy at his store as a punishment.  I’ve been thinking about what I did (not the experiment part, but punishment part) and today when I was Roy’s store, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about his store problem he didn’t know about.

So I asked him what he did with all the papers I had to write on, and he said that he put them in his filing cabinet, and if you ever saw his filing cabinet in his office, you would say it was way too big because it is way too big.  It takes up a whole wall in his office and he’s not even a great big store.  He’s in his store all by himself.

Anyway, I told him that Aaron could probably write a really good computer program that would make it so he didn’t have to write everything down on paper every month like he always does.  I’m pretty sure that Aaron can make one that every time something gets bought, that it subtracts it from what’s in the inventory, and that way Roy wouldn’t have to spend a whole half a day writing everything down the old-fashioned prehistoric way.

You know, ding ding, how much it costs on the cash register, and then the computer program would be delete and order in somewhere else in the program, and maybe Aaron could get really fancy and make it so the cash register was linked up to a computer hard drive, and then the name of the person doing the buying could get put with the thing they bought.  That way Roy would know when the person would have to get the thing replaced because it would be inside the computer file.

He could even call the person up and say, “Your thing is going to break in ex number of days.  You should come back to my store and get another thing before that happens.”  Then the person would be so happy of the great service that he would run right down to Roy’s Heating and Plumbing and get another thing before it was too late and there was a mess all over that person’s house.  Then the person would tell everybody about the superly good service he got at Roy’s Heating and Plumbing, and pretty soon everybody in town, and maybe the whole state, would come to Roy’s Heating and Plumbing to buy everything for heating and plumbing because they would know that he had the Aaron Barrett special computer program that made Roy’s Heating and Plumbing a great big huge success!

Roy said he liked doing things his own way, but I think he would change his mind very fast if he had a Aaron Barrett special computer program that did all that crazy stuff for him instead of slogging away and maybe making mistakes all by himself.

But when we weren’t even done talking, the phone rang and Roy had to take the call because that’s what you have to do when you want business.  So I went back in his office when he was on the phone talking, and I borrowed the file of everything Roy has so Aaron can make up a program and give it to Roy as a present.

Roy’s going to be so surprised when he finds out he doesn’t have to do things the old-fashioned prehistoric way anymore.  He’s going to be so happy that I asked Aaron to make his life way more easier.


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