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Celebrating For Two Weeks

on July 1, 2015

Today is Canada Day and that means that at my one grandma and grandpa’s place, we’ve been celebrating great stuff for almost two weeks!  Yeah, I know!  Those Canadians sure do like to celebrate a whole lot, don’t they?

My grandpa that’s a Mohawk is from Canada but he’s lived in America for a really long time.  He’s lived here even longer than he’s been married to my grandma so you know that’s a really, really long time.

Anyway, all the celebrating started on Father’s Day except that it was a double-header celebration because we celebrated Father’s Day with my other grandpa and grandma, and then we got to celebrate National Aboriginal Day even though it’s not a American holiday.    National Aboriginal Day is a special day that’s all about how awesome it is to be a Indian even if lots of people do mean things to Indians.  And I don’t mean Indians from India.  I mean Indians from North America so that means they’re not really Indians.  They’re probably most American of everybody, don’t you think?

But National Aboriginal Day is about all the First Nations and Metis and Inuit people (my grandpa told me that’s what it is).

Then three days later, it was a celebration that the French talking people in Canada have and it’s called Saint Jean Baptiste Day.  It’s kind of like Christmas in July except it’s in June.  Saint Jean Baptiste is the French name for John the Baptist, and since lots of people celebrate Christmas Eve on December 24, it kind of makes sense to celebrate Jesus’s cousin getting born on June 24.  Except I don’t know for sure if that’s when his birthday was but I think it’s good to get some space between important holidays, and the French people in Canada sure do like to celebrate Saint Jean Baptiste Day so that’s a important holiday for them.

Then a week later, it’s Canada Day.  Lots of people like Canada Day and lots of people don’t like Canada Day.  My grandpa said that July 1st is the day when Canada got born back in 1867.  The people in England and the people in France, and all the English and French people in Canada, got together and made a country and called it Canada, but the bad thing is that they didn’t ask any Indians if it was okay to make a country on a country that already was there.  So that’s the part that’s not so good.  But the good part is that my grandpa says it’s okay to be disappointed in how Canada got made and still be happy it’s Canada Day.

And then three days from Canada Day it’s the Fourth of July (also called Independence Day) and I don’t have to tell you guys what that’s all about!  More celebrating and fireworks (oh, they also have fireworks on the other holidays I talked about) and being happy about lots of things that matter.

2 responses to “Celebrating For Two Weeks

  1. Happy Canada Day!


  2. cairennhouse says:

    Any celebration that includes fireworks is my kind of celebration.

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