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Condo Living

on June 24, 2015

Probably you’re wondering because of the title of this week’s entry on my blog if my mom is selling her house and everybody’s moving to a condo.  No, that’s not it.  This isn’t about us going to a condo.  It’s not even about my one grandma and grandpa going to live at a condo or about my other grandma and grandpa going to live at a condo.  And it’s for sure not about one of my grandma’s or grandpa’s going to live in a condo and the other grandpa or grandma staying in the house they lived in since way before I got born.

This is about the big air conditioning block thingy outside my mom’s house that keeps the house frosty cool in the summer time, but not like ice cubes cold.  I mean just the right amount of coolness so we’re not dying from how hot it is outside.

So anyway on Friday, there was no more air conditioning going on at my mom’s house, and even with Aaron and Josh helping my mom with reading the manual about it, they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working like last year when it was really going good and we were all cool cats (that’s one of my grandpa’s sayings and he says it’s from the sixties and I think he means the 1960s but maybe he means something else so I better ask so I know for sure).

My mom called Roy because that’s part of Roy’s business.  He does heating and plumbing, but if he does heating, I guess he does cooling, too, but he just doesn’t have that on his sign because maybe he started his business in the olden days when air conditioning was called having a fan in your window and aluminum foil up to block out the sun.

Well, when Roy came, I went to help him look at things outside where the big air conditioning block thingy is and you know what happened?  Roy told me to go back inside the house and he said I couldn’t help him.  I thought he was still mad at me for the science experiment two weeks ago with the psis and the tires and stuff, but he said it wasn’t that.  So I went back inside the house.

My mom asked how come I came back in and I said Roy said I had to, but I also said it wasn’t because he was still mad at me (because he already told me he wasn’t mad anymore).  When my mom went outside to find out how come Roy sent me back inside, she came back inside pretty fast.  She was hardly outside at all before she came back inside.

Then she got on the phone to my one grandpa and asked him if he knew who to call because out by the big air conditioning block thingy, there were a lot of yellow jacket bees setting up a condo just on the inside part.

Here’s what I don’t get:  I saw the same bees my mom and Roy saw, but I didn’t see what they were wearing.   Maybe one of them landed somewhere real close to my mom or Roy and that’s how they saw what they were wearing.  Or maybe one of the bees took off his coat because it’s got to be really hot flying around in a jacket when the sun is baking everything to a crisp (that’s what my one grandma said about the heat so that’s got to be happening around here somewhere).

Anyway, the bees got taken care of on Saturday, but the big air conditioning block thingy can’t get fixed until tomorrow because that’s when the repair guy that’s not Roy can come and fix it.  But he’s a friend of Roy’s and so probably my mom will like the job when it gets done because Roy’s friend probably does good work like Roy does.

Until then, I’m happy that grandma and grandpa are letting me hang out at their place for a whole week.  I know it’s hot outside, but in the evening time when it’s not so hot, grandma and me, we get to make things like chocolate chip cookies and chocolate pudding and stuff like that.  I think the big air conditioning block thingy shouldn’t work more often so I can have more sleep overs before I go on a whole month holiday to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy’s place.  I think that would be great.


One response to “Condo Living

  1. cairennhouse says:

    It’s nice to know you’re making the best of things. Oh, and I’m glad you didn’t get stung by a yellow jacket.

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