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About That Walker I Mentioned

on June 3, 2015

When I wrote about going to the Sevierville Bloomin’ BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, I mentioned that my one grandma has a walker.  A couple of readers asked me how come so I thought I’d explain it on my blog because that’s where you guys first heard about it.

My grandma had a knee operation done on her left knee because it was giving her lots of trouble and it hurt a way lot.  It’s not that she had to get her knee swapped out like this one senior down the street from our place got.  She just had this problem with her knee because she had this torn ligament and she needed a autograft.

When she first told me, I thought she said autograph and so I got this picture in my head of her going to the hospital and waiting for a famous person to show up so she could ask for a autograph to make her knee all better.  Autograft just sounds like autographed; it’s not the same thing.

Then my grandma said that her doctor said that a knee problem like hers is pretty much everyday common, so it’s not super serious like it sounds except that it’s serious because if your knees don’t work right then that makes walking really difficult to do.

Aaron said that the kind of problem grandma had is what athletes like football and basketball players get, but I don’t think that’s how grandma got hurt.  I think she was probably doing something else when she got hurt, and maybe she was doing it with grandpa.  I should ask.  When I find out, I’ll let you guys know all about it.

Anyway, until her knee gets all healed back to normal, she has to use that walker.  She’s been bugging grandpa to let her buy a fancy cane with lots of carving on it and a brass handle on the top, but I don’t think he’s going to say yes to that.  I think he’s probably going to just hold her hand a whole lot more so that way she can be romanticky with him and lean in on his shoulder.

That’s all for this week!


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