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It’s National Otter Day Today!

on May 27, 2015

My one grandpa told me yesterday on the phone that today is National Otter Day.  I didn’t know that and that’s probably why he told me because he probably knew I didn’t know that.  So I asked my grandpa if he knew anything about otters besides that May 27 is National Otter Day and he said he knew a few things.  So I asked him, “Like what else?”

Know what he told me?  He said that otters are really friendly and they like adventures and they don’t start fights but if they get into a fight, they sure will finish it!  That’s because they have really sharp claws and really sharp teeth so remember that in case you accidentally start a fight with a otter.  You’re for sure going to lose.

Every time I get to go to a zoo (pretty much any zoo), if they have otters, I like to go watch them swim because they’re really good swimmers.  When baby otters get born, they don’t know how to swim and that’s like people babies because when we get born we don’t know how to walk.  Baby otters don’t learn how to swim until they’re three months old.  That’s what my grandpa said.  That’s probably like a people baby being a whole year old.  I don’t know for sure, but I think it probably is.

Anyway, the mommy otters put the baby otters in the water, and the baby otters are really scared of getting made to learn how to swim at first.  My grandpa says that in one or two or three days, the baby otters figure out how to swim and then the mommy otters have trouble getting the baby otters back out of the water.  I’m guessing that the mommy otters want the baby otters to eat supper with the whole family, and not spend all the time swimming.

And guess what else?  When otters go to sleep, they go to sleep holding hands.  That way nobody is going to drift away and get lost or stolen by a bad animal.

Mommy otters are a lot like people.  They take really good care of their babies.  They teach them lots of things and plus they also do grooming which is basically like when my mom brushes my hair and takes the tangles out of it and makes my hair look pretty.

My grandpa said that when otters grow up, they don’t have any babies until they’re five or six years old, and that makes sense to me.  If three months to a otter is like one year to a people, then one year to a otter is like four years to a people.  Then just multiply that by five or six and that’s like being twenty or older for getting married and that’s when people should get married and have babies … when they’re twenty or older.

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