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An Exciting Life

on May 13, 2015

This week, I don’t have to go to school on Friday because my mom and grandma and grandpa and Josh and Aaron and me, we’re going to go to Sevierville for this really fun thing that’s going on.  It’s going on Friday and Saturday but we’re not going to get there until sometime on Friday after everything already started.

We’re going to Bloomin’ BBQ and Bluegrass, and I can hardly wait for it to already be Friday so we can already be in Sevierville.  That’s where my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and their kids that are also my cousins live.

I like bluegrass music a whole lot because it’s very happy music that makes my legs want to just dance like crazy.  My Uncle Bob says that if I lived in Sevierville, I would probably be a excellent clogger.

Anyway, on the Saturday there’s a Championship Cook Off Contest and then Bush Beans is going to say who the winner for all of Tennessee is.  I hope that the dog of the commercials is going to be there because he’s really friendly, and plus, I want to find out if he knows the secret of Bush Beans like the owner keeps thinking in every commercial.  If he does, I want to know how the owner knows because dogs can’t talk people talk, so maybe the dog knows how to tell a different way.

I told my grandpa that I hope I get to be one of the contest judges because I know barbeque and he said I couldn’t be one.

“Is it ’cause I’m still just a kid?” I asked him.

He laughed and said, “No, it’s because you aren’t a KCBS Certified Judge.”

I didn’t ask him what kind of judge a Casey Beyus Certified judge was, so I guess I’m going to have to wait to get to Sevierville to find Casey Beyus and ask him if I can get certified.  I think he’s going to say yes.

But before the contest, the Sheriff’s Department is going to be showing off their K-9 unit.  That means they’re going to have their police dogs there and they’ll be doing awesome stuff.  I don’t know what awesome stuff they’re going to do, but I think maybe they’ll show us some of the important police dog work they can do like finding out where bad guys are hiding and that kind of stuff.

And besides all that, there’s going to be tables and tables and tables of people selling arts and crafts.   Aunt Sissy said there’s going to be homemade soaps and homemade afghans and homemade pies and homemade everything you can think of, so that means lots of homemade things.

There’s even a contest for people singing Dolly Parton songs because that’s where Dolly Parton got born and went to school.  That makes sense because Dollywood is right next door to Sevierville in Pigeon Forge, and maybe if we have extra time before we go back home, mom and grandma and grandpa can take all of us to Dollywood.

I’m going to bring my camera with me so I can take lots of pictures.  Then next week, I’ll put some of the pictures up on my blog for all of you guys to see.

There’s going to be lots and lots of excellent pictures from me, but don’t worry about that ’cause I’m only going to put a few on my blog.  You won’t get stuck looking at a bazillion pictures just because they’re really good pictures by me, Missy Barrett.

So now you know where we are this weekend, and plus, you know what next week’s blog entry is going to be all about!  Like my mom always says, “Missy Barrett sure leads an exciting life!”  Yes, I do.  Very exciting.


One response to “An Exciting Life

  1. cairennhouse says:

    I think I’m feeling jealous of you right now. I love BBQ and bluegrass, not to mention baked beans and cool homemade stuff, and it’s been a very long time since I last visited Dollywood. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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