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I’m In Somebody’s Book!

on May 6, 2015

I got a really big surprise on Monday when my mom told me that Artie Q and me, we’re in a book by Jayne Hyatt, and she’s a author and she lives in Colorado!  I’ve never been to Colorado, but I know where it is in my one grandpa’s map book because I looked it up already a long time ago when I wanted to go there on a trip (we didn’t go there yet).

Anyway, my mom said to me, “Hey, Missy, you’re in a book.”

That was funny, so I laughed.  Then she showed me, and my name was in the book.  So I said, “Hey, that person in the book has the exact same name as me!”

Then it was my mom’s turn to laugh.  She said, “It’s not someone with the same name as you.  It’s you!”

Me?  So I looked again, and there was my name and somebody else’s name.  Can you guess who?

Artie Q!

Probably you’re thinking I’m making all this up because sometimes I make up good stories, but it’s not story making.  It’s true.  I ever got a picture of the place in the book my mom showed me.  Look here.

I know.  I cut off Artie Q’s name but it’s there for real.  And plus, you know Artie Q’s name has to be there because the lady author Jayne Hyatt talks about “Good Morning” being one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole world and she says that that’s what I said about Artie Q’s song.  She’s right.  I said that about Artie Q’s song and about Ashermusic’s song.

I think that maybe that’s part of what a good Chief of Staff does, and I’m going to grow up to be a Chief of Staff at Artie Q headquarters when I’m finished going to school to learn lots of things kids need to know so they can grow up and get jobs.  That’s going to be my job:  Chief of Staff at Artie Q headquarters.

When Artie Q finds out that what I said about him got put in a book by a really good author, that’s just going to make him feel even more right about holding that job open for me until I’m a grown-up.  Maybe it can even be part of the resume I’ll have to send in to make the job getting official because that’s how Aaron got a part-time job before he made his own business-while-he’s-going-to-college job.

My mom is going to send the author lady a note from me on the weekend.  I’m going to say, “Thank you for putting me and Artie Q in your book.  That was very nice of you.  And plus, thank you for saying the name of Artie Q’s song ‘Good Morning‘ because it really is one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole side world.”  Then I’ll probably say some way more other stuff but I don’t know what that other stuff is going to be yet.  I’m probably going to also make a picture of me smiling and send that in the same letter.

That’s all for me now.  Mom says she’s going to put this up later because she’s really busy this week.  I hope she doesn’t put it up way too much later.

P.S.  If you never heard Artie Q’s beautiful song, “Good Morning” before, all you have to do is go to this link HERE and listen to it.  You’re going to fall in love with it, and that’s a for sure promise from Missy Barrett (that’s me) to you!


One response to “I’m In Somebody’s Book!

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Missy, isn’t it nice that life is full of nice surprises?

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