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Hope You Feel Blue Tomorrow

on April 1, 2015

Today my blog entry is very important to me and my family, and it’s because tomorrow is a very important day for lots of people.  Some of them are people I know, like my cousin Sammy.  Sammy has autism and his mom and dad are my Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie.  He’s got a brother (he’s my cousin Karl) and he’s got a sister (that’s my cousin Alana).   And everyone in our great big family (that means all the uncles and aunts and cousins and plus grandma and grandpa) know a lot about autism.

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day, and that’s a day that the United Nations said is supposed to be all about autism awareness all over the world.

So tomorrow, I’m asking all my friends (and you guys are my friends — it’s that most of you are online friends instead of in-real-life friends) to do something to make people talk about autism.  It doesn’t have to be anything superly hard to do, because it doesn’t have to be hard at all.

Tomorrow, I’m going to wear blue clothes and when people say, “Hey Missy, how come you’re wearing all blue clothes today?” I’m going to say, “Because it’s autism awareness day all over the world.”  Then I’m going to ask them if they want to talk about autism, and when they say yes, I’m going to tell them what I know about autism.

I know everybody has at least one pair of blue jeans and you guys can wear those except that you probably wear blue jeans a lot (maybe even every single day) so that’s not going to be enough blue wearing.  Put a blue shirt on and if you like ties, go with the blue tie that you hardly ever wear.  And if there’s ladies that don’t like wearing blue jeans, wear a blue skirt and a blue shirt.  And if you have anything else that’s blue like a jacket or a sweater or a scarf or a hat, wear those things, too.

That way, people are going to say, “Hey, that’s a lot of blue clothes on my friend.  I better ask them how come they’re so blue.”  Then they’ll come over and ask you, and you can say that it’s autism awareness day all over the world.

You can even do at your house or apartment what we’re doing at my house.  We’re changing the front porch light to blue with a blue light bulb instead of a white one!  I’m going to see if my mom will keep it blue for the whole month of April because April is autism awareness month!

And plus, Aaron went and bought some blue gel sheets.  He’s putting them up on his bedroom window so it makes the window all blue.  I asked him to put some up on my bedroom window, too, and my other brother, Josh, already asked him to make his bedroom window all blue.

I’m only going to ask one more thing for autism awareness day, and that’s for people to read real stuff about autism, and not fake stuff that’s made up about autism.  Don’t read about what my mom and her friends call quack therapies for autism.  Instead, maybe you should find out good ways to include people with autism in things you do and not be afraid of them.

I love my cousin Sammy because he’s really smart in loads of ways that me and my brothers aren’t, and if you met him, I know you would love him right away because he’s Sammy, and he’s my cousin, and I love him.

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