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I Told You Spring Was Coming

on March 25, 2015

Remember about two weeks ago when I wrote about all the people that were worried Spring wasn’t going to show up this year because of all the snow and snowstorms we were having?  I said that Spring was going to show up on March 20 like it does every single year, and it would show up even if there was snow.

Well, today is day number five of Spring and it’s here.  Some places still have snow but that’s way up north where they get lots of snow and it lasts for a really long time and it shows up way early and goes away way late.   But even with all that snow up north, Spring showed up everywhere, and that was what I was trying to say to worried people in my hometown and on the Internet.

The weather where I live is up to room temperature outside.  Probably you’re wondering what I mean by that.  In the wintertime, my mom always says we need to have our thermostat at room temperature and that means sixty-eight degrees F.  That’s what room temperature is.  Outside in the daytime, sometimes it’s sixty-eight degree room temperature and sometimes it’s even higher.

Spring is here!

Pretty soon people are going to start planting flowers and gardens, and mowing lawns, and stuff like that.  And then in about two more months, people are going to start saying it’s too hot outside and wondering when Fall is going to get here.

I’m going to enjoy every single day of Spring and then every single day of summer because I have tons and tons of plans for this year.  Maybe I can talk my grandma and grandpa into making a one-night stay trip to Streator in July so we can celebrate the finder of Pluto’s birthday.  I think that would a lot of fun.

So, what kind of plans do you guys have for this summer?

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