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Ribbon Cutting

on March 11, 2015

I had to wait to write this blog entry today because I got to go to a ribbon cutting with my mom and grandpa after school.   I never went to a ribbon cutting before, so I wanted to wait until it was finished so I could write about it.  My mom’s gone to lots of ribbon cuttings but this was my first ever ribbon cutting so I paid extra close attention to what everyone was doing so I wouldn’t miss the excitement.  I don’t know if my grandpa ever went to one before this one.  Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t, so I’m going to have to ask him when I phone him up tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a ribbon cutting at a retirement residence that I got to go to today.  That’s a place that’s a apartment building for people that are my grandma and grandpa’s amount of oldness except that when you live there, you don’t have to make your own breakfast or lunch or supper for yourself anymore, and you don’t have to do all the cleaning up (just a little bit).    My grandpa says that everyone that lives there gets to do lots of fun things.  They have people working there and their whole entire job is finding loads and loads of fun things for everyone to do.

My grandpa’s big brother, great-uncle Ovide, lives at the retirement residence where the ribbon cutting got done.  Sometimes I go with my grandpa to visit my great-uncle Ovide and he’s lots of fun.  You should hear the stories he tells about when him and grandpa were my age.   I think if my mom knew he was telling me all those stories she would ask my grandpa to ask my great-uncle not to put ideas in my head like those stories.  Sometimes the stories are so funny that I wish I was growing up in the old-fashioned times when my grandpa and great-uncle were growing up, except that wouldn’t work because then I couldn’t also grow  in the new-fashioned times of right now.

Anyway, when we were at the ribbon cutting, there was a big red ribbon that went across the sign that said the name of the retirement residence, and you’ll never guess who was there for the big cutting!  There was a very important man from the Chamber of Commerce of our town, and the Mayor of our town was there, too.  The man of the Chamber had scissors that were humongous.  They were so humongous that they were as long as his legs!!!  I know that sounds like crazy talk, but it’s not.  They really were that big.

He gave the scissors to the Mayor and the Mayor said some words and then cut the ribbon, and lots of people snapped pictures, including some newspaper people.  I know they were newspaper people because they had badges on that said they were newspaper people, and you wouldn’t say you were a newspaper person if you weren’t one, so they were newspaper people for sure.

The whole cutting part was very quick, and then we got to go inside the retirement residence with the Mayor and the man of the Chamber, and everyone else that was there … even the newspaper people (except the newspaper didn’t stay too long so I don’t even know why they came inside).  There was a great big white cake with blue frosting flowers and the lady that’s the boss of the place (except I didn’t know she was the boss when we were outside so that explains why she was standing beside the sign when the Mayor cut the red ribbon) cut the cake and everybody clapped like they did when we were outside.

There was pineapple punch that was delicious (I only had one glass because that’s the polite thing to do to only have a little bit and that’s what my mom says).  So I had a glass of delicious pineapple punch, and a piece of delicious  cake (the lady that’s the boss of the place gave me a special piece, she said, with lots of icing on it).

The grown-ups talked with each other, and my grandpa and great-uncle Ovide and me, we let them talk with each other.  That’s because we sneaked away to a quieter place and had our own conversation there instead.  That was probably the best idea for us because we my grandpa and great-uncle and me, we don’t have our own business cards so we can’t do the business card game like the other grown-ups were doing.

Then my mom came to get me, and my mom and me went home.  My grandpa and great-uncle Ovide already had plans to go out to a restaurant for supper.  Anyway, that’s why this entry is late going up on my blog.  I was at a ribbon cutting, and if you ever get invited to go to one, I think you should go even if the only reason you go is because there’s going to be delicious pineapple punch and cake with icing after the ribbon gets cut.


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