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Crazy Weather That Maybe Isn’t So Crazy After All

on March 4, 2015

So last week (when my mom had a problem with getting my entry out of the drafts folder and on to my blog page), I wrote about the all points bulletin for Queen Elsa, and how everybody was not so happy with how cold it’s been lately.  Now it’s the beginning of March and people are talking like Spring is never going to get here.   Except it is going to get here so people … calm down.

It’s not officially Spring until two and a half more weeks, and tons of things can happen in all those days.

It takes eight whole minutes for an egg to boil up to be hard-boiled. I know that because when I’m at my one grandma and grandpa’s house sometimes, we make hard-boiled eggs and I’m the time-keeper.  That’s how I know it takes eight whole minutes.

I figured out the math, and if I boiled eggs one at a time to where they’re hard-boiled, and I did that for a whole day, I’d have 180 hard-boiled eggs at my grandma and grandpa’s house.  That’s a lot of hard-boiled eggs for sure.  Then I figured out  more math, and I boiled hard-boiled eggs like that every single day for seventeen days in a row, I’d have a crazy number of hard-boiled eggs.  I’d have 3,060 hard-boiled eggs.

What I’m trying to say is that if I messed up the first few eggs and didn’t get them to the right hard boiledness, it would still be okay because I’d have way more than 3,000 eggs to get to be hard-boiled eggs the way they should be.

So just because it’s cold now at the beginning of this month doesn’t mean it’s going to be deep freeze cold still on the first day of Spring.  It just means that it’s deep freeze cold right now.

Probably you’re wondering if Spring ever gets here late.  No.  It always gets here on the first day of Spring.  But if you mean is it going to be sunshiny hot on the first day of Spring, that’s something that’s got zero zip to do with the first day of Spring.  That’s called the weather, so the answer to that question is maybe yes and maybe no.

But don’t go blaming any Disney characters for the weather on the first day of Spring in 17 more days.  If it’s hot or if it’s cold or if it’s inbetween hot and cold, it’s still going to be the first day of Spring.  How do I know?  Because that’s what it says on the calendar on my mom’s desk in her office.  That’s how I know.



One response to “Crazy Weather That Maybe Isn’t So Crazy After All

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Thanks for the pep talk. Feeling a bit warmer now. 😀

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