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An Important APB Goes Out!

on February 25, 2015

There’s a town in Kentucky where the police put out a all points bulletin (that’s what the APB stands for and I know that because I asked my mom and that’s what she said it stood for) on Queen Elsa from the movie “Frozen.”  They did that because there’s been so much snow and coldness this month that it’s crazy making for everyone … even us kids!

But there’s no way they really think that a made-up cartoon character — the Queen of Arrendale — made February so cold.  They’re police officers, so they know it’s not real.  And plus, they’re grown-ups, and that means that sometimes they like to make jokes just like all the other grown-ups.

So they joked around and said they wanted her because of all the snow this month.  I think it’s pretty silly and that makes it funny.

Now I’m wondering if they’re going to put out a all points bulletin for Elliot from “Pete’s Dragon” when lots of funny things go wrong in town.  They’re kind of late with a all points bulletin for Snow White’s step-mother for food poisoning Snow White, so that wouldn’t happen, but it makes me wonder.

It’s funny one time when they do it, but I wouldn’t want them to make it a habit because then nobody would know when they’re goofing around and when they’re being serious, and that would make problems.

So even though I laughed at this all points bulletin because it was funny, I hope they don’t do that again just in case people start wondering what’s serious police stuff, and what’s not too important and okay to ignore.

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM JENNA BARRETT, MISSY’S MOM:  I accidentally left this in Missy’s draft folder and that’s why it didn’t post on time.  I’ve put the entry through now so it appears where it should on her blog.  My apologies to Missy’s fans.


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