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Another Kind Of Cold

on February 18, 2015

Last week, I wasn’t feeling well and I was really late getting my blog entry online.  This week it looks like almost every State in America has their own version of a cold.  It’s so cold where I am that when I rub my stocking feet on the carpet in the front room there’s no static electricity afterwards.  That’s cold!

Anyway, I was talking with my one grandpa on the phone after school and he said that snow can make you warm.  Actually, he said it could keep me warm but it doesn’t matter if he said make or keep, because snow is cold and it didn’t make any sense to me for snow and warm to be in the same sentence unless it looks like this:

I had something warm to drink when I came inside from being out in the snow.

That’s pretty much the only time I thought warm and snow would be in the same sentence and make sense.

But both my grandpas are really smart and my one grandpa I was talking to said this, “Snow can act like insulating foam given certain circumstances.  That’s why igloos works so well for the Inuit.”  That made sense because my teacher taught us a social studies unit on that last month but still it kind of doesn’t make sense because cold is cold and warm is warm.  I mean, I’m not going to go running around in my summer dresses in February because I heard that I could get warm by crawling into some snow along the way.  That’s just crazy talk!

But the reason it works is because it’s not really the snow that makes you warm.  It’s that if you make a kind of cave or igloo from snow, then your own body heat gets trapped inside and that’s what really makes a person in the snow cave or igloo warm.  And plus, when it gets warm inside, some of the snow melts on the inside of the snow cave or igloo but then it freezes up right away again, and that makes the snow cave or igloo air tight, and air tight means eve more body heat stays inside with the person.

And now to really mix you up, I have to tell you this next part.  My grandpa said that igloo is an Inuit word and it means house, and if you go online and look at houses in Nunavut, guess what you see?  You don’t see cities and towns with snow igloos up and down the streets. You see regular houses like in other cities and towns.

Snow igloos are used mostly for hunting probably just like tents I hear my mom’s friends talking about when they go hunting in September and October.

But in any case, it’s really cold outside this week, and I hope that nature starts feeling better real soon so everything can be nice and sunshiny warm again real soon.


2 responses to “Another Kind Of Cold

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Sunshiny and warm sounds good to me, too. 😀

  2. Elyse Bruce says:

    At this point, I think lots of people would love to opt for “sunshiny warm.” 🙂

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