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A Very Long Time Ago

on February 4, 2015

Someone a very long time ago decided that on February 2 they would take a groundhog out of his hiding place where he was sleeping and make him say when Spring was coming.  I don’t know who that person was, but someone did it a very long time ago.  And do you know what else?  Ever since that person did that, lots of people have been doing it every single February 2 and every single year, lots of groundhogs get woken up for no good reason at all just so people can make him say when Spring is coming.

One groundhog got so mad way up in Wisconsin this year that it bit the mayor of the town right on the ear and when I heard that on the television news, I said to my mom, “If they would just leave animals alone when they’re sleeping, they wouldn’t have to go to the doctor for getting a bite on the ear or anywhere else.”  My mom agreed with me.

So this is what I don’t understand.  Why do people think groundhogs that are asleep know when Spring is coming?  They’re asleep!  They don’t even know how much snow is outside because they’re sleeping!

Here’s what I think people need to remember.

When you look at a calendar, it says that the first day of Spring is on March 20 (this year that’s on a Friday so you have a whole weekend to celebrate Spring being back).   Now count how many weeks there are from February 2 to March 20 and guess what?  There’s six weeks from the one spot to the other.  Yeah, February 2 is the start of the first week and March 20 is the end of week number six.  And what does that mean?

That means that the groundhog doesn’t need to get yanked out of his house to tell you what counting on a calendar already says.

Maybe it’s time we left groundhogs alone to sleep until they wake up all on their own, and started paying attention to things that are already on calendars like holidays and special occasions and when the first day of Spring is!


2 responses to “A Very Long Time Ago

  1. Deej says:

    Very wise, Missy!

  2. ArtieQ says:

    Ha! You go, Missy! 😉 rtq

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