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New Discoveries In Outer Space

on January 28, 2015

Last week, I talked about moons and planets and suns and stars, but then guess what else I found on the Internet?  I go to the NASA website every single week and there was this story by NASA about two more planets that might be way past Pluto.  NASA called them Planet X and Planet Y.  I don’t know why that’s their names, but that’s what NASA called them.

And then NBC News talked about Planet X and Planet Y, and they used a super cool new word I never heard before that my brother Aaron had to spell out for me:  trans-Neptunian.  Isn’t that a super cool word?  It’s so science fictiony!

Plus NBC News said that all kinds of information got put in a Astronomical society letter and I don’t know what kind of letter that is, but I’m going to ask my one grandpa if he knows.  Probably he does because he’s all about the science, so he’s smart like that about important scientific stuff.

I think they should name Planet X something like Mysteria, and Planet Y should get called Shockin.  Those would be perfect names for two new planets that we never even knew were part of our solar system.

Then we should have a really big party and it should be at nighttime so people can look up in the sky and say, “Shockin Mysteria!” and everybody will laugh because it’s kind of a private joke for earth people.


3 responses to “New Discoveries In Outer Space

  1. Hello Elyse! I am happy you gave me the links to your two blogs. What I find here amazes me. I am the more amazed because my youngest daughter’s dream (12 years) is to become an astronaut. I’ll have to introduce this site to her when she returns home on holiday. Once again, thank you and keep shining!

    • Elyse Bruce says:

      Hello … or as Missy Barrett would say, “A great big hey hello Missy Barrett style welcome to you!”

      I think it’s fantastic that your daughter knows what she would like to do for a career and I wish her well in her endeavors. Whatever she puts her mind to, she will achieve. and all the more with love and guidance from her family.

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