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Why QVC Isn’t The Science Channel

on January 21, 2015

My brother, Josh, showed me this video on YouTube with a lady and a man talking on one of the television shopping channels.  He was laughing so hard and then when he let me see what was so funny, I didn’t think it was so funny.  I thought it was terrible and sad.

So the person said she didn’t know if the moon was a star and the other person said it was a planet.  Then the first person said that if the sun was a star, then that probably means the moon is a planet.  The second person said he didn’t know what the sun was and then he asked someone behind the camera to look up on the Internet to find out what the moon is.  But then he decided before waiting for the Internet search to get done that the moon was a planet because things live on it.

I’m only nine years old and you know what I learned from watching that YouTube clip?  I learned that either some grown-ups never paid attention to what the teacher told them when they were in school or they have the worst memories out of lots of grown-ups because they already forgot what they got told when they were in school.

Yeah, I’m not being a fooler girl here.  The two people, they weren’t so old. It’s not like they got born a million years ago or even a hundred years ago.  The one guy is older than my mom but not so old as Roy, so he should have a way better memory than that or else he was not a good listener at school.  The other one is a lady that’s really pretty but she’s still older than my mom, and no way old like Roy.

You know what that means?  It means they were at school before my mom was at school, but that shouldn’t make them have bad memories because my two grandmas and my two grandpas are way older than the two of them and they remember stuff way back from when they were in school and as old as me.

But what I don’t get is why the two people didn’t know that the moon is a natural satellite!

I paid attention to what my teacher said about planets and stars and moons (and just so you know, my one grandpa that knows lots about scientific stuff said I did a good job listening to my teacher and learning things right).

To start off, the sun is a star and nobody can ever land on the sun because of all the hot gases on it that’s way hotter than even the most hottest lava on earth.

Next of all, a planet is a rocky body that circles the sun.  Those circles are called orbits.  The closer a planet is to the sun, the hotter it is on that planet.  Planets far away from the sun are way colder and they have really, really, really long years because it takes so long for them to go around the sun that’s also a star.

Thirdly, a moon is a rocky object that goes around a planet. Jupiter has moons.  Saturn has moons.  Earth has a moon.

So this is how it goes with suns, stars, planets, and moons — the moons circle the planets and the planets circle the sun that’s a star and there’s only one star at the middle of what real scientists call a solar system.  Sometimes asteroids and comets also go through our solar system but they don’t live here like planets and moons do.  They just go through like on some kind of galaxy vacation.

Maybe somebody should send those two people back to school so they can get a refresher on things they forgot.  Or maybe instead of arguing on television, they should just wait until after the show is over so they can look up the right answers.

But that’s probably why QVC is the shopping channel and not the science channel, because people go there to shop, not for talking about school kind of stuff.


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