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Snow and Hot Cocoa

on January 14, 2015

It’s so cold outside this week, and snow is falling in places it doesn’t usually fall down on.  You know, places like Texas and California and Arizona.  I mean, sometimes it falls in places like that but not so much because every time it happens people are like, “Hey, there’s snow out there” and they’re surprised.  I don’t get surprised when snow falls where I am because it snows every wintertime so that’s normal for us.

For me to get surprised, it would have to be a summer hot day in January and then I would say, “Hey, it’s a summer hot day out there!”

When it gets like this where my cousins live in Tennessee, they always cancel school or else make it start way later in the day.  Some people laugh because there’s not so much snow on the ground, but I know why they do that, and it’s because of the ice.

When the school bus goes up in the mountains to pick up kids for school, it’s dangerous if it’s slippery because of icy conditions.  Nobody wants to think about a bus sliding all over the mountain road because something very bad could happen. It could slide right off the road 100 percent and fall right down, down, down and everybody would get hurt so badly.  Maybe some kids might even get killed and that would be the worst horrible thing ever.

So if you laugh because people in other places don’t have too much snow but act like they have way more snow than we do, it’s because they have other things they have to think about when it gets cold like that where they are.

And now, I’m going to have a cup of hot cocoa with my breakfast before I shiver down the street a few blocks to get to my school.  If I’m lucky, my mom will give me a cup of hot cocoa for lunch, and another cup of hot cocoa after school, and maybe a cup of hot cocoa with supper tonight.  Probably not because she’ll say it’s not good to have that much sugar all in one day but I like thinking maybe it could happen.


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