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What I Saw On New Year’s Eve

on January 1, 2015

Like I told you guys yesterday, last night my mom and my brothers went with me to the park to see fireworks for New Year’s Eve.  This year I was old enough to stay up all the way to midnight without falling asleep and having to get woken up in time for everything.  It was really, really cold outside (way colder than in the daytime) but I didn’t mind at all.

We got to see lots of great things when we were there waiting for the fireworks.  For one thing, we got to see the great big Christmas tree all lit up.  Here’s a picture of that (I snapped it with my digital camera).

The Big Christmas Tree
It was so pretty I asked my mom if Roy and Aaron could do that to one of our trees at our house next year.  She said she’d think about it so I asked her if she liked the tree, and she said she did.  She said she had to figure out how many strings of lights it would take and that’s why she said she’d see.  I’m thinking it would take probably ten because our Christmas tree in the house only needs three and our inside Christmas tree isn’t anywhere near as big as the outdoor Christmas tree that was at the park.

And you know what else that was at the park this year?  This!

The Big Ferris Wheel
It was just like in the summer when we have the County Fair happening and the fairgrounds people put up lots of rides including a ferris wheel.   This one lit up with lots of different colors and patterns and stuff, just it does in the summer time.  I liked it so much I wanted to go up in it but my mom said I couldn’t because we were there to see fireworks, not to ride on the ferris wheel.  I was a little sad but when I saw the huge, long line-up for going on the ferris wheel, I wasn’t so sad anymore.

And then the ferris wheel people made the ferris wheel say it was almost midnight.  This is what it looked like.

It's Midnight
Then everybody got excited and started counting down to one from ten, just like we always do at our house when we watch the fireworks of New Year’s on television.   (Just letting you guys know the big red ball in the picture of the ferris wheel saying it’s almost midnight isn’t the ball that falls at midnight where we live.  It was a decoration in the park is all.)

It got really quiet, then really loud, then really, really loud when the fireworks explosions starting happening.  Here’s some pictures I took of the fireworks.

Those are some of the pictures I took last night.   I have like a hundred more I could show you but they’re pictures of after the fireworks exploded so you actually only see the ferris wheel a lot.  But that’s all right because these are six good pictures of the fireworks from last night, and I love them so much that next year on New Year’s, I’m going to ask my mom if we can all go back to the park to see the fireworks again.

P.S.  In case you’re wondering about the people in the pictures, they’re just some of the lots of people that were there when we were there … not even the two people in picture number 4 on the right side of the picture.  That’s just two strangers kissing.  I mean, they probably aren’t strangers of each other — they’re just strangers to my mom and me and probably my brothers, too.  But they’re kind of romanticky kissing with the fireworks going up in the sky and it being New Year’s Eve and all that.


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