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My Mom Showed Me This

on December 30, 2014

So my mom got an email from WordPress where my blog is at, and it had lots of information about things that happened here.  I got to see the email and I asked my mom to do some screenshotting of parts of it so I could talk about it one day early on my blog (I’m going to write a real blog entry tomorrow because that’s how it goes on my blog … Wednesdays are for real blog entries).

Here’s some of the screenshots with my idea of what they mean.  First off, people from lots of countries visited my blog.  They came from 23 countries:  Australia and New Zealand; Germany, Italy, Spain, and France; Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands; Ukraine, and Romania; Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand; India, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates; and Brazil.  Of course, there was also the United States of America (that’s called the U.S. or sometimes the U.S.A. and most times just America) and Canada and Ireland and the United Kingdom (that’s called the UK).

23 Countries
That’s amazing to have people in 23 countries reading my blog, and surprising.  I thought maybe the WordPress people got it wrong and meant to say that 23 people in all the countries read my blog, but my mom said that they got it right — it’s 23 countries.  I don’t know too much about some of those 23 countries so next year, I’m going to ask my grandpa that’s not a Mohawk to loan me his great big atlas book and maybe go to the library with me and look up stuff on all those countries.  All of them.  Even the ones I know something about.  How come?  Because you can never know too much about another country, even your own country!

Next thing that was a great big surprise for me was this.

Top 5 Posts of 2014
I don’t exactly know what that means except that maybe you guys like reading what I write about animals and cool stuff that’s scientific and all that.  But that’s good because I’m going to keep on writing every single Wednesday about something that’s important to me, and maybe it will be important to you, too.

So thanks for being a reader of this blog of mine.  And if you want to let me know in the comments below what country you’re from, that would be all right with me because then maybe we could talk about your country sometime in one of my blog articles and you could let me know if I got the information right.

That’s all from me right now, and remember to come back tomorrow — New Year’s Eve day — to read the very last blog entry of 2014 on the Missy Barrett blog!


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