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What Else Happened Last Night

on December 25, 2014

Just like I promised, today I’m writing more about what happened at Christmas Eve supper at my house last night when both my grandmas and both my grandpas came over.

My Mohawk grandpa isn’t like my settler grandpa, and I love them both the same but different, and it’s like that with both my grandmas.  But here’s what I really like about all of them.

I have friends at school that aren’t so lucky as me because they can’t have both their grandmas and both their grandpas over at their house at the same time because of fighting.  And there’s no reason for fighting and plus it’s rude to fight with somebody when it’s not even your house.  So I’m superly lucky because my grandmas and grandpas don’t act any different when they’re together than when I go to see them at their own houses alone.

And some of my friends at school, their parents are split up divorced like mine are, and the grandma and grandpa of one of them doesn’t see them anymore.  That’s really sad because when a mom and dad split up, the kids are still the kids.

So every year at Christmas Eve supper, I get reminded that the only thing that changed in our family is that my dad works in Kuwait and that’s really, really far away from my house.  He isn’t here when we have Christmas Eve supper but he phones when we’re having Christmas Eve supper and everybody gets to talk to him (don’t worry, he phones back on Christmas Day, too).

And that’s what else happened at our Christmas Eve supper last night.  🙂

I’m not bragging when I tell you guys about our Christmas Eve supper.  I’m just saying that I wish lots of love to everyone that visits me on Facebook and on my blog, and that’s part of my Christmas present to everybody.


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