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The Holiday Train Is Coming To Town!

on December 3, 2014

My one grandpa is from Canada and he’s a Mohawk, and that means sometimes he talks to me about things like trains.  When we were on the phone last night, he told me all about the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Well, maybe not all about it but he told me about the Christmas part of it, and I really liked what he told me about it.

Anyway, the Canadian Pacific Railway has a Holiday Train and it  goes all the way from way far on the other side of Canada in this place called British Columbia and it goes all the way as far as Montreal, except that Montreal isn’t exactly all the way on the other side of Canada. It’s like a little more half and just not all the way.

And when the train gets to Saskatchewan it goes down into America and all the way even to Illinois to a town called Gurnee.  And plus it goes to Milwaukee and a place called Thief River Falls, and Toronto and Montreal.  Then the Holiday Train sneaks down into America to Schenectady (and that’s a lot of fun to say that name) and Scranton.  At least that’s what I think it does. If I got it wrong, don’t worry because you can go online and find out the right information.  Just click on the link RIGHT HERE where there’s lots of information.

I know about Scranton because they have a historic site that’s all about trains.  It’s called Steamtown National Historic Site.  They also have a Houdini Museum there, and sometimes I wonder if the whole place sometimes disappears and then HOP! just reappears somewhere else in town.  That would be funny to see.  But I’ll write all about that on a different day.  Right now, I’m writing about the Holiday Train.

Anyway, the Holiday Train is extra special because it collects food for food banks and it makes people wake up and get it that there’s people out there that are hungry all the time because they don’t have so much money that they can pay for rent and for food.

The Holiday Train even has two very own hashtags and this what they are:  #HealthyDonations Challenge, and #CPHolidayTrain.  Want to know why it has two hashtags?  Because it’s not just one train.  It’s two trains, and the trains are going to stop in 150 places so lots of people can find out ways to help people that need help.

It’s what gets called a rolling fundraising, and I like that a lot.

Oh yeah, and all fourteen cars are superly special decorated with holiday decorations and lights all over the place.  My brother, Aaron, downloaded this picture out of the Holiday Train website.  It’s a picture of the train at night-time.


I think that picture didn’t get taken in Manitoba or Saskatchewan because there’s hardly any snow on the ground.  I don’t think it’s a picture in Alberta or British Columbia either because I don’t see any mountains.  Maybe this is somewhere close to a city called Sudbury and that’s in Ontario.  Except that it’s on the poster about the train going from Chicago to Regina, so maybe it’s in between like maybe in Iowa or someplace like that.

Anyway, they have pictures kids can color and if you want to get them, you just have to CLICK HERE to get them.  Maybe you could get your school to make copies of them, then color them, then sell them at a art show at the school and then all the money could get given to the food bank with a special thank you to the Holiday Train and Canadian Pacific Railways for coming up with this great idea.  That would be really helping hungry people out!


One response to “The Holiday Train Is Coming To Town!

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Great post, Missy. I wish the Holiday Train came to Denver because it’s beautiful and I’d like to see it. –Jayne

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