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More Than Penguins

on November 19, 2014

So last week I wrote about this commercial that the John Lewis store in the UK put up on YouTube, and then the John Lewis Retail Twitter account tweeted about what I wrote.  I was so surprised!  But the best part of it was that they told me the boy’s name is Sam, so now my mom and me, we know the boy’s name.

But guess what else happened?  I found out the name of the girl penguin that the boy penguin meets.  Her name is Mabel!  And Monty and Mabel have accounts on Twitter that anybody can read any time.  Isn’t that so romanticky?

But then I went back on YouTube to see more Christmas videos and there was one that was so beautiful it made me cry!   The commercial started with everybody just thinking about themselves until somebody said, “Hey, I think I’m going to push the other button that says Share The Good to share the good.”  Then they pushed the button.

I’m not going to wreck this for you guys.  Just watch it yourself, and then you’ll see why it made me cry.  Maybe it will touch your heart so deep that you’re going to do your own Share The Good button pushing.

Now aren’t you happy you watched that video?



One response to “More Than Penguins

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Thanks for sharing, Missy. Kindness always makes me glad. –Jayne

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