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People Write In

on November 16, 2014

Remember last weekend when I told you guys about the email I sent the editor of our newspaper that he printed up in the newspaper on Saturday?  Well, some other people wrote emails to the newspaper about my email and some of them were not very happy about what I had to say about turkeys and Thanksgiving.  I guess they didn’t understand what I was saying about fighting chance meat, because some of them were really, really mad about my email.

One guy called A.E. Franklin wrote:  “Someone needs to teach that kid the meaning of Thanksgiving.  Eating turkey with all the trimmings is tradition.  It’s to honor the Indians who helped the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.”

Except my grandpa already told me about the pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth Rock, and that’s not what my email was talking about.  My email was about turkeys not having a fighting chance to get away when people want to kill them dead.

Then another guy called Jim Roberts wrote:  “I’m sorry she doesn’t like the idea of turkey for Thanksgiving, but where does she think those fast foot hamburgers come from?  Does she think those cows have a ‘fighting chance’ to get away from the slaughter house?

I learned from listening to grown-ups that you have to pick your fights.  I can’t fight for all the animals that don’t have a fighting chance.  I can only fight for turkeys right now.  Maybe when I get older, I can fight for turkeys and fight for cows.  But right now, I can just fight for turkeys because there’s lots of people already fighting for cows.

Then one guy called T. Simonson wrote:  “Kudos to Missy Barrett for taking a stand, and sharing her passion with readers.  We need more kids and teens to get involved with saving the world, even if it’s just one turkey at a time.”

I like T. Simonson.  He got what I was saying without getting it all mixed up with lots of other stuff that I never even talked about.  I hope the newspaper has lots of T. Simonses reading the newspaper, and not so many Jim Robertses and not so many A.E. Franklins.

My mom and me had a really long talk about the other letters that are getting sent to the newspaper.  She said that when you write a email to the newspaper, you gotta take the nice comments with the not-so-nice comments without getting upset.  She said that opinions are like noses … everybody’s got one.  I don’t think my mom got that saying right because Mr. Jones down the street says something like that but he doesn’t talk about noses. He talks about something else, and if I tell you what, I’m gonna get grounded off the computer for sure until I’m as old as my brother, Aaron!

So I’ll try to not let the not-so-nice letters bug me so much, and I’ll pay more attention to the nice letters because that means that other people are thinking like me at least a little bit, and that’s good.



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