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Monty and Floaty Penguin

on November 12, 2014

Last year, when this department store over in England made their Christmas commercial, I saw it on YouTube and it made me cry because it was so loving.  It was about a bear and a rabbit, and they were best friends, and the rabbit didn’t want the bear to miss Christmas.  I loved that commercial so much, I watched it even when it was not Christmas.

This year, they made another Christmas commercial, and I saw that one on YouTube just yesterday.  I cried so much because it was so romantic and beautiful.  It’s about a boy and his penguin, and I found out that the penguin’s name is Monty.  I don’t know what the boy’s name is, and even my mom couldn’t find out what the boy’s name is.

But the reason I love the commercial so much is because it makes me think of my make-believe friend, Floaty Penguin.  I knew Floaty when I was really little and he was one of the make-believe friends from my dotting map when I was a kindergartener.

Someday, I’m going to sit down and write up all the dotting map stories so I never forget any of them, and I’m going to keep them for when I’m a grown-up so that my kids will have them as bedtime stories.  But some things from my make-believe world I’m never going to forget and one of them is my friend, Floaty Penguin with his great big belly and his flappy wings when he’s happy and his laughing.

Anyway, I think you should watch the Christmas commercial of the boy and Monty Penguin, and maybe it will give you some ideas of how much love there is in the whole wide world.  Just because you maybe don’t see it right in front of you all the time, you should be like Monty Penguin and look for it.  And you should be like the boy, and when you see that someone you love a whole lot is sad for something special, try to make things happen so the something special gets in their life.  That’s what I always try to do.

3 responses to “Monty and Floaty Penguin

  1. Elyse Bruce says:

    This tweet was sent by John Lewis, the department store responsible for the advertisement Missy Barrett wrote about in this blog entry.

  2. cairennhouse says:

    Thank you for your heartwarming post, Missy. I had a bad day yesterday, and missed seeing it then. I’m glad I found it this morning. I needed to be reminded to look for the love in this world. I’m also reminded to be a love giver. That’s so important. ❤ Jayne

  3. […] Wednesday on the Missy Barrett blog,  Missy wrote about UK retailer John Lewis’s Christmas 2014 television advertisement in an […]

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