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Turkey Thoughts

on November 9, 2014

So I just want to say that I almost got in trouble with my mom this week.  I wrote a email to the newspaper and I sent it to the Editor, and he put it in the newspaper yesterday.  But I almost got in trouble on Thursday when I got home from school and my mom said, “Missy Barrett, do you want to tell me something about a certain email that went to a certain newspaper editor?”

When she calls me Missy Barrett, I know I’m almost in trouble but not totally completely in trouble because when I’m totally completely in trouble she calls me Melissa Rue Barrett.  That’s how I know I’m in so much trouble that I’m going to get a really big consequence for something even if I didn’t start it and even if I was just following along.  You can get into a lot of trouble just following along, even if it’s a big brother you’re following along.  Trust me on this one, okay?

Anyway, the only email I sent to a newspaper editor was the one I sent on Thursday, and it was very important because it’s going to be Thanksgiving at the end of this month.  This is what my email was:

Dear Mr. Editor of our Newspaper,

My name is Missy Barrett and I think people should not eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  Turkeys are not like ducks or geese or even chickens.   They can’t fly away when someone tries to shoot them dead.  My grandpa says that real  hunters play fair and give animals a fighting chance to win and get away.  That’s what real hunters do.  But people that eat turkey for Thanksgiving don’t do that.  They just go to the grocery store, and buy a dead turkey that never had a chance to get away so it’s not fair.  Please put this in your newspaper so maybe not so many people will get a turkey this year.  That would be very good.  Thank you.

Missy Barrett

My mom said that she talked to my grandpa about the email before I got home, and he said that maybe this saving animals was a family thing.  When my mom was 5 years old, she did a turtle fundraising parade all the way down to the newspaper office.  All I did was write a email to the editor.  So my mom called the editor at the newspaper back and said it was okay with her to print my email in the newspaper.  That’s how it got put in yesterday’s edition.

I can hardly wait to see how many turkeys get saved this Thanksgiving.  I hope it’s lots.  And if people need meat for Thanksgiving this year, they can just ask my grandpa to show them how to get fighting chance meat because that’s the fair thing to do.

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