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Brothers, Mummies, and Stuff Like That

on November 5, 2014

My brothers, Josh and Aaron, like watching scary movies like “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns.”  Me?  Not so much (that’s how my brothers would say it, so I thought I’d say it first).  They both really like the lady that played the part of the mummy’s girlfriend.  In the movie, in the ancient times, when the mummy was the pharaoh’s helper, she was supposed to be the pharaoh’s girlfriend.  But she really wasn’t; the pharaoh just thought she was.  Anyway, the pharaoh’s helper guy and the pharaoh’s girlfriend were cheating on the pharaoh, and when he found out he got mad at them.  Except they got way more mad at him, and they killed him.  That’s how the movie starts.

Then they jump ahead in the movie by about 3,000 years and it goes from being a movie about history to being a movie about zombies and how to stop them from taking over the world.  That’s the scary part of the movie mostly, and that’s where I always stop watching it because I don’t like zombies.  Zombies scare me … a lot.

Everytime I try to talk about the two movies to my brothers, they try to get me to say the name of the cheating pharaoh’s girlfriend and then they laugh because they think I’m saying it wrong.  I don’t think so, but they say so.  I think they just like getting me mixed up except I don’t get mixed up so fast when it comes to names of people.  And plus, I already looked it up on the Internet and it’s spelled:  Ankhesenamun.

It’s a pretty hard name to read and that’s mostly because it’s Egyptian from Egypt.  It’s way harder to read when you see it written up in hieroglyphics (not to be mistaken for Missyglyphics that are way more fun to read).  Here’s what her name looks like in hieroglyphics (I found this on the Internet at one of the museum websites so I know it’s not made up and wrong).

AnkhesenamunMy brothers keep saying that her name is said like this:  A knock soon a moon.  Now that’s crazy talk because who ever heard of anyone knocking on the moon?  And it doesn’t matter how soon that knock is supposed to be coming because it’s not ever going to be coming.

But I think it’s not said that way and mostly it’s because of how I hear people in the movie saying it and plus what the museum picture hieroglyphic shows.  This is how I think it’s supposed to get said:  Ox on the (onna) moon.  Now I know it’s just as crazy to think that there’s an ox on the moon as to say you’re waiting for someone to knock on the moon soon, but the hieroglyphic doesn’t show anything that looks like knocking.  At least the way I say it fits the hieroglyphic because some of those pictures look a bit like what you put on a ox at the farm.  Plus there’s someone that’s probably supposed to be the lady waiting for the ox on the moon to find her.

And you know why I think I’m right and my brothers are wrong?  Because of the way the museum picture wrote her name and then they also put the saying of it in brackets.  It’s ankhs (when you sound that part out it sounds just like ox) then the n and i and that sounds a lot like on the (if you say onna) if you say it right, and then mn is shorthand for moon (and everyone that writes shorthand knows that because my one grandma used to be a secretary in the olden days and she wrote shorthand and mostly she said the vowels always got taken out of the words).

So anks s n imn sounds like ox on the moon.  It doesn’t sounds like a knock soon a moon.  What do you think? Who’s right?  Josh and Aaron, or me?

So just because my brothers keep telling me her name is a knock soon a moon, I really know that it’s ox on the moon.


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