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It’s A Mystery!

on November 2, 2014

Hallowe’en was a lot of fun, and when I got home from trick-or-treating with my big brother, Aaron, my mom went through all my candy to let me know what was safe to keep.  I have some allergies so some of the candies had stuff in them I can’t have because it could make me blow up to look like a great big read balloon!

Anyway, it was snowing a whole lot on Hallowe’en and that was weird because there’s hardly ever any snow around us in October.  That usually happens around the middle of November.

So at midnight, I was fast asleep and there was a really loud BANG! outside.  It was so loud, it got me awake.  I got out of bed and looked outside and all the street lights were off.  And then I looked at my clock to see what time it was and it wasn’t showing any time at all.  It wasn’t even blinking!

I called for my mom to come because I didn’t know what to do. She told me to wait and then Aaron came in my room with a flashlight.  He said the power was out in the house and I said the power was out outside of the house, too.

He told me to go back to sleep because it was probably just some snow that shorted out something, and the workers of the city would fix it by morning time.

Except when I got up on Saturday, there was still zero zip electricity in the house.  My mom couldn’t even make usual breakfast.  But that’s okay because my mom already had a plan.  She told me to go back upstairs and pack my overnight bag because Josh and me were having a sleep over at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Not the Grandma and Grandpa where my Grandpa is a Indian.  The Grandma and Grandpa where my Grandpa is a settler.

I ran upstairs so fast, and got dressed in my Saturday play clothes, and packed my pyjamas and another set of clothes, and some private underthings, and my toothpaste and toothbrush and hair brush, and my notepad and pencil, and my Sherlock Hemlock clue hat and my magnifying glass in my overnight bag just like my mom told me to.

I don’t know what Josh packed in his overnight bag.

And then mom and me and Aaron and Josh got in the car, and we went over to my Grandma and Grandpa’s place and guess what happened over there?  My Grandma and Grandpa took all of us out to have breakfast in a family restaurant!  I had chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice because it was a special treat and I wanted Grandma and Grandpa to be happy I ate everything that got ordered by me to eat.

Then my mom and Aaron went back to our place, and Josh and me, we went home with Grandma and Grandpa.  Josh spent most of the day on his laptop computer, but I got to spend lots and lots of time with my Grandpa.  We talked about so many interesting things, and he even let me play a game with him that I made up.

It was called “Spin Grandpa’s Globe And Say Where You Went.”  The way you play it is you spin the globe and then you just plop your finger down somewhere on the globe and it stops.  Wherever your finger lands is the place you went (except it’s all make-believe and you didn’t really go there).  Then you have to tell the other person something true about the country your finger landed on.  If you can do that, you get a point.

If you don’t know something true about the country your finger landed on, then the other player gets a chance to say something true about the country your finger landed on.  If they can do that, they get a point.

If the other person doesn’t know something true about the country your finger landed on, then you both have to look it up in a book or on the Internet so you can both learn something true about the country your finger landed on.  Nobody gets any points but now the players know something brand new they didn’t know before.

I found out that my Grandpa knows tons of neat things about all kinds of countries all over the globe.  Me?  I still have a whole bunch to learn.  But we had loads of fun and I know that because my Grandpa laughed a lot and I laughed a lot, too.

We had a really yummy lunch my Grandma made and then Josh and me helped Grandma make supper.  It was a super easy supper to help make because Grandma made take-out Chinese food from the freezer.  Then we all got to watch a really old movie that Grandpa picked out from his DVD library, and then we went to bed.

This morning, when I got up, my Grandma said mom called last night when it was really late to say the power came back on, but Grandma didn’t want to wake Josh and me up in the middle of the night again, so we got to keep on sleeping.

Before Grandma and Grandpa took us back home again, we got to eat breakfast at another family restaurant — just the four of us.  I used my best manners just like I did on Saturday, and Grandma and Grandpa were very proud of me.  I know because they said so.

So that was my very weird Hallowe’en this year.  And now I have a mystery to solve. This is I’m going to call, “The Mystery of the Missing Power.”

One response to “It’s A Mystery!

  1. cairennhouse says:

    When you find out what happened to the power, don’t forget to let us know.

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