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Days You Need To Know About

on October 15, 2014

So two days from today — on Friday — it’s Earthquake Prepare Shakeout Day.  Then two days later it’s Winter Weather Get Ready Day.  And then two days after that it’s Reptile Awareness Day.  It looks like every two days, there’s another pay attention day, but that’s just for this week.  It’s not for every single week to the end of the month of October.

But it makes me wonder what the connection is between earthquakes and winter and reptiles.  In case you don’t know what reptiles are, those are animals like snakes and lizards and turtles, plus they’re cold-blooded.  If they get hot, they go in the water or the shade and get cool again.  And if they get too cool, they go out in the sun and get warm again.

That sounds a lot like what warm-blooded animals and people do, so it’s kind of confusing.

Guess what else?  Friday on Earthquake Prepare Shakeout Day, it’s also National Spreadsheet Day so I guess the way to do both is to make up a spreadsheet that tracks the earthquakes in your town.  Except if you don’t have earthquakes in your town, then you should track earthquakes in your state.

The weird thing about Winter Weather Get Ready Day is that it’s also going to be World Toy Camera Day, too, and that makes no sense to me.  If you’re going to get ready for winter, you should get a real camera, not a toy camera.  You can’t take real pictures with a toy camera, but you can if you have a real camera.  Maybe somebody should tell the Awareness Day makers to fix that mistake so nobody gets sad when they can’t take a picture of a nice winter day because they have a toy camera instead of a real one.

And then on Reptile Awareness Day it’s also Count Your Buttons Day.  I don’t think reptiles eat buttons, but maybe they do and that’s why it’s also Count Your Buttons Day … to make sure your pet turtle didn’t sneak into your closet and eat all the buttons on your shirts or coats.

It’s a good thing that tomorrow is National Dictionary Day.  I think I’m going to need a day to learn new words and what they mean after trying to figure out how earthquakes and winter and reptiles and all those other days are related!


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