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Visiting Outer Space

on October 8, 2014

Today, I’m writing about Pluto, and I don’t mean the Disney dog with the big black ears.  I mean Pluto the planet that’s not a planet that might be a planet next year and used to be a planet before.  That’s the Pluto I writing about on my blog today.

My one grandpa says Pluto is actually a ice dwarf so it’s not a planet, and my other grandpa says Pluto knows what it is.  The bottom story is that NASA says Pluto’s not a planet.

Except that now they think maybe it is a planet and that’s what they used to say for a really long time until they said it wasn’t a planet.  I heard about it on the news last week that NASA thinks it’s going to make Pluto a planet again next year when I turn ten.

Anyway, a year after I got born, NASA sent a spaceship to Pluto and it’s going to get there next year.  I think they’re going to make Pluto a full planet next year because if the spaceship lands, it has to land somewhere. It can’t just land on nothing so Pluto has to be a planet by then so the spaceship can land.

When we went to WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge over the summer, there were all kinds of neat things there and some of them had to do with outer space.  There was this one scale that told you things like how much you would weigh if you weren’t on earth.

My mom and some of her friends probably would like to live on Pluto someday because if you weigh a hundred pounds on earth, that’s only seven pounds on Pluto.  They’re always talking about not being as skinny as when they were in school.

But I think they wouldn’t like it because the NASA website says it’s a ice dwarf — and so does my one grandpa — and I don’t think my mom and her friends would like that so much because they keep saying how much they don’t like wintertime.

Anyway, next year, Pluto gets to be a real planet again so now the planets aren’t going to jump from Neptune to Planet Ten that’s on the other side of Pluto.  My brother, Josh, says it’s Planet X, but my other brother, Aaron, told me this one time that X is the olden days way of saying ten so that’s how I know the planet after Pluto is called Planet Ten.  That plus Neptun is planet eight, and Pluto used to be planet nine, so it makes sense that the one after Pluto it Planet Ten.

I can hardly wait until next summer when Pluto turns back into a planet so the spaceship has a nice place to land.

2 responses to “Visiting Outer Space

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