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Hatching Eggs

on September 24, 2014

I read this story in the local newspaper and it was all about a discovery that got made in Alberta up in Canada.  A scientist found a dinosaur egg and it’s a duck-billed dinosaur egg.

I took the newspaper to show my brother, Josh, and he said, “Hey, Missy, think they can hatch that dinosaur egg?”

I didn’t want to tell him that’s crazy talk asking if they’re going to hatch the dinosaur egg.  That’s like thinking if you take a egg out of the fridge, you can get it to hatch so you have a baby chick!  That’s not going to happen.

Besides, if they could make a dinosaur egg hatch, they probably would already have lots of baby dinosaurs running around Alberta because the newspaper story said the place has lots and lots and lots of dinosaur eggs.

But it would be kind of neat if they could’ve figured out a way to get baby dinosaurs born as long as they weren’t way too big like in that movie of the park that had all the dinosaurs.  Big dinosaurs would not be a good idea.  But maybe little ones wouldn’t be so bad.

Anyway, when my brother, Josh, took the newspaper from me, he said, “I just gotta check something in the story.”  Then he pointed to the third last paragraph that said the nest that got found in 2008 already got hatched.

“See, Missy?” he said, “They already found and hatched some eggs.”  Then he laughed a lot and really loud.

So I said, “No, you got that wrong.  The eggs were already hatched way long ago and then the ice age came and that’s what they found … the nest with the hatched out eggs.  They didn’t find the eggs and then hatch them.”

“Yeah, but wouldn’t it be neat to have a T-Rex in your backyard, stomping around, scaring the daylights out of people?” he said back.

“Wouldn’t it be really hard to feed a T-Rex?” I asked him back because if you think cats eat a lot of food, imagine how much food a T-Rex is going to eat.  Probably as much as the size of a house, and where you gonna find that much food every single month?  I don’t know, and probably Josh doesn’t know either.

Sometimes brothers don’t use their noggins when they read newspapers, I think.

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