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My Birthday Is Coming Up

on August 27, 2014

A few days ago, my Uncle Rick said “Happy Birthday” to me on my Facebook page.  Except he was being a fooler boy because he knows my real birthday is August 30th.  But when I wasn’t born yet, everybody was expecting me to show up the week before that because that’s what the doctor said was going to happen.

Here’s the funny thing about me getting born.  When my big brother, Aaron, got born, my mom had a bunch of things she knitted for him but he couldn’t wear any of them home from the hospital because he was way too big for them.  So then when my other brother, Josh, got born, my mom had a bunch of things she knitted for him but he couldn’t wear any of them home from the hospital because he was way too small for them.

Then when it was time for me to get born, my mom and dad packed one of Josh’s baby outfits and one of Aaron’s baby outfits in my mom’s hospital bag.  Except when I got born, I was a girl and my mom and dad didn’t think about maybe that could happen so my dad had run all the way downstairs to the gift shop and buy me a girl outfit so I could go home.

Everybody keeps telling me that story every single time it’s my birthday, except for Uncle Rick and he keeps wishing me “Happy Birthday” a week early on the day I was supposed to get born on.  It’s a special joke, and it makes me laugh.  Everybody thought I was going to be a boy, but Uncle Rick said he knew I was going to be a girl because I was late going to the hospital.  He says girls are always late but I know that’s just him being a fooler boy joke teller ’cause I’m hardly ever late for anything.

This year, he made a gluten-free chocolate cake for me except we live kind of  a long drive away from my Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie’s house.  But that’s okay because my Cousin Sammy ate my piece for me, and that’s good because I know how much he really loves chocolate cake.

I have a friend and she said that the best birthday present ever would be to get LEGO’s for girls except I already get to play with all of Josh and Aaron’s old LEGOs so except for girl LEGOs maybe being pink, I think the LEGO’s I play with are okay just the way they are.  Plus, we sure don’t need more LEGO’s around here with a great big tote of them already in the playroom!   So zero zip LEGOs for my birthday I hope.

The grandma lady next door said that the best birthday present she ever got when she was my age was knitting needles and yarn.  That would be good.  Sometimes I borrow some yarn and my mom’s really big knitting needles and I try to knit stuff like a scarf.  I’m not so good at that yet.

I don’t really want any computer stuff except that’s what Aaron and Josh always try to give me, and it’s mostly because they know all about computers way more than me.  The best computer stuff they could get me is a Artie Q CD because I love his music so much.  That’s one of the top three things I would love for my birthday, so I hope Aaron and Josh got together and got me a Artie Q CD.

But mostly what I hope I get is a surprise, and the surprise would be if my cousins, Sammy and Alana and Karl could come visit me with Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie on my birthday weekend.   And if they can’t come to where we are, maybe my mom can ask Uncle Rick and Aunt Debbie if we can all go to Chicago and visit them on my birthday weekend.  I think that would be the best birthday present in the world.


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