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Thumb Measurements

on August 20, 2014

Yesterday, I got to spend time at my other grandma and grandpa’s house.  They’re the grandma and grandpa that had my dad, and I like visiting at their house a lot.  They have lots of really cool things at their house, and it’s different stuff than what’s at my grandma and grandpa of my mom’s house.

I got to go shopping with them, and Grandma kept turning things over at the department store.  So I asked her what she was looking for because maybe I need to start turning things over when I go shopping with my mom.  She said she was checking to see if there was a tag that said “Made In China” or “Made In Taiwan” or “Made In USA” or “Made In Canada.”  She said that kind of thing was important to her.

When we got back home, I asked my Grandpa to show me on the big globe in his den where Taiwan is.  Instead of showing me, he got me to sit at his desk and he took out this humongous blue book and it had all kinds of maps on glossy paper in it.  He said the first thing I had to do was to make a good guess where Taiwan might be.  I said maybe it was close to China because Grandma said China and Taiwan and then she said USA and Canada.  I already know that American and Canada are right next-on-top of each other so maybe China and Taiwan were the same way.

Then he told me to open the big book and find the map with China on it, so I did.  China is HUGE!  I measured it with my hands.  It takes TEN open Missy hands to fill up China on the map in my Grandpa’s book.

And next he told me to start looking for Taiwan.  If it was close to China, I would find it on the map.  If my guess was wrong, I would not find it on the map.  So I borrowed my Grandpa’s magnifying glass (when I was little, I used to call a magnifying glass a glass on a stick) and I started looking.  I looked and I looked and I looked for a really long time, and then I found it.   I looked at it with zero zip magnifying glass and then I measured it.  You won’t believe how small Taiwan is!

Taiwan isn’t even ONE open Missy hand big.  It’s only one Missy thumb big.

What that means to me is that even if you’re small like Taiwan, if you do something really well, you can be big in different ways … big in ways like China and Canada and even the U.S.A.

The next time I go shopping with my mom, I’m going to start turning things over to see where they got made, and I’m going to ask my mom to start turning things over, too.  I think maybe my Grandma does that just because she likes to know if little Taiwan made something so beautiful, or if it was big ole China or Canada or America.

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