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Where I Go

on August 13, 2014

I’m a little late getting this put up on my blog and that’s because all the password people at my house were busy today.  Well, it kind of sounds bad but the only password people are my mom and my big brother, Aaron.  Not even my other brother, Josh has the password, so it doesn’t matter if he wasn’t so busy as my mom and Aaron.

So this week I wanted to talk about when I was at my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob’s place in Sevierville.  Mostly I want to talk about going hiking because that’s something we got to do a lot and I really like that.  My grandma and grandpa even got me this camera and my mom said I was really lucky because when she was my age, the cameras back in the olden days made it so you could only take 24 or maybe even 36 pictures and then you were out of luck, done, finished.  My camera can take millions of pictures … probably at least a hundred!

Anyway, there was this one place we went hiking at and there were lots of fun things to take pictures of, so I took a lot of pictures.  People like to say that emoticons are only for computers, but they probably don’t look at trees when they go outside.  If they did, they would see trees that look like this sometimes.

Scared Face In A Tree Stump

And also, sometimes lots of people say there’s nothing to see when you go hiking but that’s not true.  At the place that has the emoticon in a tree, I saw a dinosaur playing hide and seek with his friends.   I didn’t see any of his friends hiding, but I saw him hiding.   I know you don’t believe me, but look at this picture.  If that’s a dinosaur foot, then my teacher showed us a really bad picture of a T. Rex last year in school because that’s for sure a T. Rex foot!

Dinosaur Foot_SMALL

Yeah, now you see the dinosaur, right?  Because you can see that T. Rex foot sticking out from that big ole hiding place!

Then you know what else I saw when I was hiking?  I saw the future!  I know you’re saying, ‘Missy, you can’t see the future‘ but I did!  I looked down on the ground and there it was — the future.  It was a Star Trek phaser gun, and it was there a really long time because it looks like some of the old houses in Elkmont not so far away from where I took this picture.

Star Trek Phaser Gun

That’s why it’s really important to go hiking a lot because you never know what you’re going to find when you go out there.  Maybe you’ll go to the far away dinosaur days or maybe you’ll find the far away Star Trek … or maybe you’ll just be where you are right now and see funny things.


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