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Lighting Up The Sky

on August 6, 2014

Even if I’m already back home at my mom’s house in Illinois, I wanted to talk about the last Monday ever that I spent in Tennessee on my holiday.  I really like celebrations and the sparklier the celebration, the better I like it.  It’s just like last year when I talked my Aunt Sissy into putting lots of glitter in the stain we put on the back deck.  At night-time, that deck is so sparkly beautiful you cannot even believe how pretty it is.

Anyway, my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob loaded up my cousins and my brother, Aaron, and me in their two cars and we drove to Pigeon Forge.  It sounds like it was a really long trip but it’s not so far really.  It’s actually just twenty minutes from where my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob live and where Dollywood is.

We went there when it was dark outside and the reason we went there that late is because we didn’t want to go inside Dollywood.  It’s because we wanted to see the fireworks at 9:30 at night.  So Aunt Sissy drove her car and followed Uncle Bob in his car all the way to a great place where we could park and get out of the car and sit on blankets on the grass and watch the beautiful fireworks.

They were really loud just like the ones on the 4th of July!

Some of them made whistling sounds when they went in the air and then BOOM! they exploded into lots of glow stick flashes that wiggled back down in the sky.  Some of them exploded into big sunbursts (except there wasn’t any sun but that’s what you call what the pattern looks like) that sounding like BUH-LAMM!  Those ones had three colors:  red, white, and blue.  And some sounded like cannons going off.  The cannon sounding ones made lots of noise first and then you waited and waited, and just when you thought nothing was going to happen, guess what?  There was lots of sparkly flashes all over the sky.

The fireworks went on for a very long time, and at the end, I think they must have dropped a lighter in the fireworks box because so many went off at the same time, you couldn’t take your eyes off the sky or you might miss one of the sparkly explosions.

Aaron took pictures of some of them, and he says that when he downloads them on his computer, if any of them look really good, I can put them on my blog.  I really hope they turn out.  They were so beautiful.


One response to “Lighting Up The Sky

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Missy– What a wonderful way to celebrate! I’ve been to Dollywood, but it was in the daytime so I missed the fireworks. I used to live near Disneyland in California, and we would do the same thing; watch the fireworks from outside the park. I love fireworks. They always make me think of my daddy because he was the first one to take me to a fireworks show. –Jayne Hyatt
    PS: Glitter in the paint was a great idea!

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