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How Do You Say That Word?

on July 30, 2014

I’m really enjoying my holiday time at my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob’s place in Sevierville.  My biggest brother, Aaron, came here a few days ago, and he’s staying here for a whole week.  But then we have to go back home to Illinois and that kind of makes me sad because I really like being here (maybe my mom will let me move here when I’m a grown up!).

Anyway, I got to go shopping with my Aunt Sissy today because she wanted to go girl shopping.  She never hardly ever gets to do that because my cousins are all boys, so this was lots of fun for me and lots of fun for her.  It’s a girls’ day out.  That’s what she called it.

So we went to this outlet place because we had all these coupons that said twenty percent off any single item and that was really good because we could use a different coupon at different stores and it was allowed.  I really like that.  Plus the prices were good because there were lots of sales and then you could get the discount so that was like a double down thing.

Well, probably not double down, but that’s what my Uncle Bob says when he’s playing cards with his friends downstairs on Friday nights, and then everybody upstairs gets to hear them be really excited so I think double down means you get two times the goodness of something.

But getting back to what I was going to say.  We went to this outlet and I didn’t know how to say the name of it because sometimes English is kind of funny that way.  It was T-A-N-G-E-R and I didn’t know if you’re supposed to say the word so it rhymes with danger or if you’re supposed to say the word so it rhymes with hanger.  Know what I did?  I didn’t say the  word at all when we were shopping.  Not even one time.  I just called it the T Stores Outlet.

Everybody that heard me call it that laughed a lot, so that was good.  And right soon away as me and Aunt Sissy got back home, I asked Aaron to go on YouTube and find a video about the place.  I said I just wanted him to see how cool the place was, but I really just wanted to find out the right way to say the name of the place.

That was really good thinking, and nobody ever figured out I didn’t know how to say the name of the place the whole entire time we were having a girls’ day out at the T Stores Outlet.

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