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Gardening with the Hammer Of Thor’s Cousin

on July 23, 2014

Probably some of you were saying,”Hey, it’s Wednesday and Missy never put anything up on her blog site yet.”  That’s because what I wanted to write about I had to do first so I could write about it next and that’s why nothing got put up before just now.

Today I got to cut down some bushes and tree branches and vines in my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy’s backyard.  I wasn’t alone doing it.  I was working with my Aunt Sissy, and my cousins had other things to do in the yard.  My job was a little bit dangerous but not too dangerous because whenever you get to use tools, it’s not safe like just using your hands.

My Aunt Sissy mostly did the branch cutting, but she let me try one just so I could find out how much hard work it was to cut a tree branch.  It was very hard to do even using two hands, so my Aunt added her hand to the squeezing part and then the branch got cut off.  Snap!

I had to wear special garden gloves because when you do that kind of work you don’t want to get way too many blisters.  I only got one blister and that’s on one of my thumbs.  I know it’s really hot and you don’t usually wear gloves in the summertime, but sometimes it’s a very good idea to have hot hands instead of blistery hands.  Hot hands don’t hurt.

And the cutter tool I got to use was called a Fiskar just like the cutter tool my mom has for scrapbooking and just like the cutter tool in my mom’s office for slicing up papers.  Plus the cutter tool is also called a anvil pruner.  Yeah, that’s the name for it.

That name kind of mixes me up because I thought the comic book character, Thor, has a anvil and it doesn’t look anything like the cutter tool I was using.  When he uses it, he always says, “By the Hammer Of Thor.”

You know what else I know about the Hammer of Thor that’s a anvil?  On it, it says:  Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Another funny thing is that the word pruner makes me think of someone that just grows prunes.  That guy would be a pruner for sure.  So you can see that when I think of the cutter tool being called a anvil pruner, I get this picture in my head of a guy that grows prunes and knocks them off trees with a really big hammer that has lightning shooting out of it when the guy does that.  The anvil pruner I got to use wasn’t so big and only had Fiskar’s on it.

I got to cut back all the blackberry bushes that were growing crazy out of control, and some of the vines that were grabbing them.

And that’s why my blog entry is late on my blog site today.  I was busy doing a real whole lot of work today.

P.S.  I’m also still trying to figure out how big a million is.


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