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Two Celebrations In One Week!

on July 2, 2014

This week is a really great week for barbeques and celebrating things with my family and tons of strangers.  On Tuesday, my Grandpa and Grandma had a really big Canada Day party at their house, and my mom and my brothers and me were there all day.  And you know who else was there?  My Uncle Rick and my Aunt Debbie and my cousins, Karl, Alana, and Sammy were there, too!

So we had lots of really cool stuff to eat, and some of it was stuff my Grandpa had my Grandma make:  frybread tacos and bannock and moose stew and stuff like that.  And plus on top of that, she made doughnut holes for dessert, and we had them with homemade ice cream my Grandpa made from scratch.  He didn’t even use a fancy machine to make it.  He did it the old-fashioned way like they made it before there were any places you could drive to for ice cream treats.

I got to help him make the ice cream this year and it was easy but also not so easy.  He had to put milk and sugar and what he said was vanilla in a pot and make it boil.  But he had to watch it really close because you don’t want milk to burn.  Then he turned the heat down under the pot to very low and my job was to let him know when 20 minutes was up.  I’m a really good helper so I made super sure that it was exactly 20 minutes when I said, “Time’s up, Grandpa!”

While I was doing that, he got one of Grandma’s glass bowls for making cookies out, and he put the yellow part of a lot of eggs in it and more sugar and something else that I can’t remember what it’s called now.  Then he mixed it up with Grandma’s beater for almost as long as I had to watch the pot on the stove.

When the 20 minutes were up, Grandpa got me to pour the milk in the bowl while he kept on beating the stuff that was already in the bowl.  Then he put everything that was in the bowl back in the pot, put it back on the low heat of the stove, and kept on beating it until it looked a lot like pudding.  And then, guess what he did?

He filled the bowl up with lots of ice, and stuck the pot right in the middle of the ice!!!   I said, “Hey, Grandpa, I don’t think you should do that.  You could maybe break Grandma’s cookie making bowl.”

Then he said, “It’s okay.  It won’t get busted, and if it does, I’ll just go buy your Grandma another cookie making bowl at the store downtown.”

Anyway, the ice cream pudding was in the pot in the bowl of ice, and Grandpa took one of Grandma’s casserole dishes out of the freezer.  So I said, “Does Grandma know you put that in there?”  And he said, “Yes, Grandma knows, and she’s okay with it.”

Then he put the ice cream pudding in the casserole dish and put that in the freezer.  He said he was going to have to come back in the kitchen every half hour and mix up the ice cream pudding every single time until it was ice cream.  He said it was going to take four hours before it was ready.  Four hours!  That’s a way long time for ice cream to get made.

I asked Grandpa to put the recipe on a piece of paper so I can take it when we go to Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Sissy’s tomorrow, but he said I didn’t have to worry about that because Grandma and him are going to be there on Friday, too!  So I get to help Grandpa make ice cream two times in one week, and this time it’s going to be for the 4th of July.  And plus, on Friday, we get to eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and see lots of fireworks at night-time.

This is the best week I ever had in my whole entire life so far!


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