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Be Careful What You Sing

on June 11, 2014

I got in a small little bit of trouble with my mom today and it was all Roy’s fault.  Roy is my mom’s friend, and he has his own business called Roy’s Plumbing and Heating.  My mom has this group she put together and they do lots of things to help people that need help, and Roy is one of the group people.

So my mom asked Aaron to do her a favor and go to Roy’s office to pick up something important, and I wanted to do her a favor, too, so I asked if I could come with and my mom said yes if Aaron said yes.  Aaron said yes, so that was good because I got to go to Roy’s.

Anyway, when we got to Roy’s office, we had to wait because there were customers there.  I’m really good at waiting, and I know exactly what to do when I’m waiting.  I just find a good chair to sit in, and I sit in it.  If I hear music, I try to sing along with it.  If there’s zero zip music, I just watch people and pretend that maybe there’s a mystery going to break out.  I remember important details that a real detective would maybe need to unravel the mystery.

That’s what they say on television ads about mysteries and detectives.  They’re always unraveling something, and usually it’s the mystery.  So I do the first part of the unraveling work just in case.

Aaron got a envelope from Roy, and then we went back home.  I was singing because I liked the music at Roy’s office.  It was really old music because he said it was from when he was only a little bit older than Aaron, so that’s really old for sure.

When we got home, I kept singing the words I remembered to make my memory iron man strong because I think someone told me a brain is a muscle.  I don’t know if that’s for real, but if it is, I want my brain to be ready for action.  That’s something else the television ads about mysteries and detectives say.  They say that detectives are always ready for action.  So I do lots of things to make sure my brain is ready for action.

But the problem is that when I was singing the words in my bedroom, my mom came in and she said, “Where did you learn that song?”

And I said, “I heard it at Roy’s.”

She got this weird look on her face and then she said, “Are you sure you heard that at Roy’s?”

And I said, “Yes, mommy.  I’m sure.”

Then she got the frowny look she sometimes gets when she’s thinking if someone she knows that’s a kid is going to get a consequence.  It was hard for me to figure out what Aaron was going to get a consequence for, and it was hard for me to figure out what Aaron getting a consequence had to do with me and my singing.  So I just started singing again because I was pretty sure it had nothing at all to do with me.

Except it did, and I didn’t even know it.  That was a surprise because I was inside my own mystery and didn’t even know it!

Then my mom said, “Just don’t sing that song any more.”

I can’t sing that song any more, and now I’m a little mixed up because I asked Aaron about it and he said that funk is a kind of music from the 70s.  I guess I have to wait until Roy comes over so I can let him know he’s going to get in trouble with my mom for playing that music.  I think he’ll be happy he talked with me first before he talks to my mom.


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