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Animated Ketchup!

on June 4, 2014

The other day, my brother, Aaron, and his friend, Elias, were at our house and they were remembering things about their good old days when they were little.  They were kind of bugging me because they had French fries from the fast food place from not far from our house, and they were eating them at the kitchen table.  It didn’t bug me they never had any for me, because that’s not what was bugging me.  What was bugging me was that every time one of them tried to grab the ketchup bottle, the other one would grab it fast and then say, “Pika, pika!”

It was bugging me so bad because I was doing detectiving business and I couldn’t keep my thinking on what I was doing.  Every time I was writing clues in my notepad, someone would say, “Pika, pika!”  A couple of times it was so loud, it knocked my clue hat off my head because it made me jump like you do when somebody sneaks up on you and says, “Boo!” and you don’t expect that to happen.

So I went in the kitchen and I said, “Hey, what’s going on in here?  You’re making a racket.”   That’s what mom says to us when we make lots of noise, so I know it’s how you’re supposed to ask that question.  Anyway, that’s what I said, and Aaron said, “We’re just remembering the good old days.”

Then I said, “Which good old days?  The good old days of when you were little, or the good old days that Grandma and Grandpa talk about a lot?”  Aaron said it was about his own good old days.  So then I asked him if kids in the good old days of his youngness yelled crazy words a lot for no good reason at all.

You know what he said?  He said, “What are you talking about?”

Then I said, “It’s pika pika this, and pika pika that, and I’m pretty much pika pika pooped listening to all that pika pika talking going on in here.”

Elias flipped open  his smartphone and started looking for something, and then he said, “Come here, Missy.  Let me show you something pretty cute.”  And he showed me a cartoon animal that was yellow with stripes and it was very cute.  He told me that was called Pikachu, and that Pikachu was from a cartoon from the good old days, and the only thing he said was pika pika.

“What’s that got to do with ketchup?” I asked.  Aaron laughed and told his friend he stepped in it (and I don’t know exactly what THAT means), so he had to finish what he started.  Elias made his pointing finger go flip, flip, flip, and then he showed me another picture.  This is the picture he showed me.


It was funny to see the Pikachu licking the top of the ketchup bottle.  I wouldn’t want a Pikachu at my house if they do that, but I was thinking it was probably the ketchup bottle of Pikachu because it didn’t look like he was at a restaurant or in a kitchen.  So maybe that was his ketchup bottle to lick like that.

Then Elias said something so crazy that he made me laugh really hard.   He said that when he was little, his mom used to buy Pikachu ketchup just for him.  I didn’t believe him until he showed me this picture on his smart phone.

“Woah!” I said, surprised that he wasn’t pulling my leg and trying to make me believe something that wasn’t real.  But it was real.  Even Aaron said it was real but that mom wouldn’t buy Pikachu ketchup when he was little because she didn’t buy that kind of ketchup.  She always got red gold ketchup but I think Aaron was fooling me because ketchup isn’t gold.  It’s not even red gold.  It’s just plain old red like tomatoes, and I know tomatoes because Grandma grows them in her backyard so I know that they start green and then get red.  But they don’t ever turn gold.

It was kind of weird because then Elias showed me another picture and it was from a cartoon that just got made of Pikachu, and there he was with his ketchup bottle again.  The next time mom and me go grocery shopping, I’m going to ask her if we can do something nice for Aaron.  I’m going to ask her if we can get Pikachu ketchup just one time so Aaron doesn’t feel sad that his friend got some and he never did.  I think she’ll say yes.



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