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People In Other Countries

on May 21, 2014

There’s a grandma lady that lives down the street from me and she grew up in a place called Germany.  If you don’t know where that is, it’s across the ocean on a whole different continent.

We’ve been learning about continents at school, so that’s how I know that Germany is on a whole different continent.  If I didn’t know about continents, I would just say Germany was another country somewhere else.

Anyway, the grandma lady sometimes talks in German instead of English which is kind of weird because if people in Germany speak German, people in America should speak American, not English.  I guess it’s because sometimes America is called the United States and then we would also have to say we speak United Statesian.  That would be very confusing for people that didn’t come from here because American and United Statesian would be exactly the same.

So, yesterday when I was playing outside, the grandma lady was walking past our house and I started a conversation with her because my mom knows her and she knows all of us.  I asked her how to say “I love you” in German and she taught me.  It wasn’t so hard because it sounds just like English to me.

When I said “I love you” to my mom in German at suppertime, she didn’t get what I was saying.  She kept telling me that I had to wait for September to say “I love you” and that made no sense to me.  I mean, I know it sounds strange, but when you say “I love you” in German, you say just this way:  It’s Labor Day.

Yeah, I know.  It’s weird but that’s how you say it.  You just say, “It’s Labor Day” and if they understand German, they’ll say it right back to you.  Just like that. It’s Labor Day!

Plus, I think they write really good songs in German.  Before supper, Josh was listening to German songs on YouTube and I asked him if he could find one I might like and he played this one that was lots of fun.  But mostly it was also talking about what happens when you drink too much alcohol.  They were singing, “Do beer; miss the game” and that’s true.  If you drink too much beer like some people at baseball games do, you could fall asleep and miss the game just like that!

So I think I’m going to ask my mom if I can learn to speak German.  Maybe I could even practice what I learn by talking with the grandma lady down the street every time she walks by our place.  And maybe it will make her feel not so lonely for where she comes from because I think I would feel very lonely if I lived far away from America when I grow up.


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