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A Way Smarter Idea

on April 30, 2014

Today is the very last day of April, and yesterday, I asked my mom if I could have my very own garden this year because I’m almost done being eight. I told her I think it’s time I did some stuff like my brothers, Josh and Aaron. And you know what she said? She said yes!

So my mom said she was going to ask Roy to make me my very own planter box, and then she phoned Roy and asked him. He said yes so that made me smile a lot.

When Roy came over yesterday when he got done at his store, we went for a walk together in my backyard, and I told him what kinds of plants I was going to grow in my garden. Then Roy got a great idea and he said that he was going back to his store for about half an hour but he was going to come back. And away he went. Just like that!

Well, I can tell time, so I know how long half an hour is. I took my mom’s wind-up alarm clock on the front step with me, and we waited for Roy to come back. It didn’t take half an hour like he said. It only took twenty-five minutes, and when he came back he had this old desk in the back of his Ford truck.

Just so you know, I like Fords and someday, when I’m a grown-up, I’m going to buy a ’34 Ford car just like Bonnie and Clyde used to steal when they were stealing money from the bank. Except I’m not going to steal anything for anybody. I just like ’34 Ford cars because they’re pretty.

Anyway, Roy had a old desk he brought to our house,and he took it out of the back of his truck,and put it in our backyard. My mom said, “That’s not a planter.”

And Roy said, “It’s a very special kind of planter, because Missy is a very special gardener.”

Then I said, “I think maybe you didn’t get what I was talking about when I told you I want to learn about things like making plants grow.”

But you know what? Roy told my mom that if Josh and Aaron scraped the old paint off the desk, and sanded it, and then painted it with outdoor paint, that I could have a really different kind of planter. The drawers could get filled up with lots of good dirt for growing plants, and then they could get closed up just a little bit so every drawer had some place for growing.

He said the bigger drawers on the bottom could have carrots in one of them and green onions in the other, and the littler top drawers could have things like herbs in them. And the middle drawer that’s supposed to have pencils could have flowers growing in it instead. Then I could put small pots with plants on the top of the desk and that would be my whole garden.

I really like that idea Roy had, and when my carrots are ready for eating, I’m going to give the first one to Roy because he deserves it!


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