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One Very Cool Awareness Date

on April 23, 2014

Two weeks ago, I was talking about National Pet Day and then I found out that this Friday it’s World Penguin Awareness Day. Yes, for real. Friday is World Penguin Awareness Day.

I wish I knew about it way back when I was little because when I was little, I had a imaginary friend and he was called Floaty Penguin. I had a lot of fun with Floaty Penguin, except not always because before we were friends, he was the Sneaky Itch’s sidekick and they did a lot of not good things together in my make-believe world. But then the animals and me, we brought Floaty Penguin to justice and re-abilitated him to be good. And then he was good.

Anyway, for real, I know some true facts about penguins. I wrote a little bit about penguins back in January, and now I’m going to talk some more about penguins. Probably you figured out already that I really like penguins.

First of all, penguins don’t fly. Maybe you think they do, but they don’t, and that’s because they don’t have wings. They have flippers where wings go on a bird, and that makes it so they can swim in water. That’s a good thing because penguins spend half their time in the water and half their time on land. It would not be good to spend half their time in the water and not be able to swim. That would be very bad for penguins, especially baby penguins.

And there no penguins at the North Pole. Zero. None. Nowhere. Want to know why? It’s because nearly every single penguin lives under the equator line. There’s one kind of penguin that goes north of the equator line, but not all the way to the North Pole. That would be too far for those kind of penguins to go. I guess it’s a little like going to the library all by yourself, but not going all the way to library in the next city over.

And the littlest penguins ever in the whole wide world are called Little Blue Penguins and the tallest they ever get is about twelve inches. That’s the size of my ruler when I make it stand up on the floor. Even my cats are taller than that when they’re in the kitchen and bugging my mom for food.

But the best thing about penguins is that they like to have fun just like people. Sometimes they like to go tobogganing on their bellies. Sometimes they like to go surfing. And sometimes they like to go diving. I saw this one video on a website that showed penguins lining up to dive off at a very good diving spot. The line was very, very, very long. It made me think of the waterpark in the summertime and how all the people do the exact very same thing.

Anyway, don’t forget that this Friday is World Penguin Awareness Day. Go to a zoo and visit a penguin or two (hey! that rhymes!). You’ll be happy you did!

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