Missy Barrett's Adventures

The amazing adventures of a fictional child

Treezes and Sneezes

on April 2, 2014

When I was really little, I didn’t always use the right words … mostly because I was really little and I didn’t know all the words I know now. And sometimes I knew a word one way but didn’t know what the word was when it had to get used another way. Well, you know what that means, right? It means that I used my big old brain like my one grandpa says to do, and I tried to figure things out for myself.

I used to think that if there was wind outside that it was wind-ing. That made sense. After all, when it rains outside, people say it’s raining. When it snows outside, people say it’s snowing. So I thought that if there was wind outside, then it was wind-ing outside.

It took a long time for me to get the idea fixed in my thinking, and do you know how I did it? I thought to myself, “Hey, that’s not right. If there’s rain outside, sometimes people say it’s rainy. And if there’s snow outside, sometimes people say it’s snowing. So maybe when it came to wind, it’s actually windy outside!

And that was the right word.

But you know, saying words the right way sometimes isn’t so much fun because it makes rhyming pretty hard to do. So there I was, starting to say words the right way and there I was, not rhyming so much anymore. So, you know what I decided?

I decided that sometimes it’s important to use the right word like when you’re talking with other people, and sometimes it’s important to use the rhyming word like when you’re just making up songs and poems and stuff like that for yourself or your grandma and grandpa. And you know why it’s okay to do that for your grandma and grandpa?

Because it doesn’t matter how wrong the word is, your grandma and grandpa will laugh a lot, and then say the same wrong word as long as it’s not a bad word. Then they won’t say the same wrong word. But you know what they do instead if it’s a bad word? They tell you it’s a bad word, and then they tell you not to say it again, and then they think of a different wrong word that rhymes instead.

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