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Seasons Are What You Make Them

on March 26, 2014

Last week, Spring started.  That’s what it said on the calendar in the kitchen at my house.  It said that Spring started on Thursday, and to show it was Spring … it snowed.  It snowed a lot.  It snowed so much where we live that I was still making snow animals like I did in the Winter time.

My brother, Josh, likes to tell me all kinds of scientific things that don’t really make sense to me, but I listen because he’s my brother, and he really likes science.  He likes drawing more, but he likes science a lot, too.  Anyway, he told me that just because there’s four seasons doesn’t mean that every season is just as long as the other seasons.  I told him that I think they mostly are because all you have to do is divide up the days by four, except most years, there’s a odd number of days so that’s where the problem happens.

Know what he said about that?  He said I was wrong.  You can’t just divide up the year in four and say, “That’s all the seasons, and how many days they get.”  That’s what he said!

He said that Winter has 89 days, and Spring has 93 days, and Summer has 94 days, and Fall has 90 days.

That’s okay if a year has 366 days like Leap Year does, but what if it’s a regular year and there’s only 365 days?  Who has to give up a day?  I hope it’s not Summer because everyone loves Summer.  And I don’t think it’s Winter because Winter already has hardly any days at all, so maybe it’s Spring, but I think it’s probably Fall because then it would be equal with Winter.

But you know, when Josh said that Winter only had 89 days, it kind of makes sense how come sometimes it keeps on being Winter even if the calendar says it’s Spring because maybe Winter just doesn’t want to end so fast.  I think  every season should have exactly 91 days and 6 hours, and that would be fair.  On Leap Year, every season would get exactly 6 more hours so it would still be fair.

That way, none of the seasons would have to worry about happening on another season’s time.  And that would be very fair.



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