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Never Is A Very Long Word

on March 19, 2014

Sometimes grown-ups say very strange things.  Sometimes they say things they don’t mean, and sometimes they think they mean what they say, but they really don’t.

Not that long ago, I noticed that sometimes grown-ups use words they shouldn’t be using, and I’m not talking the bad four-letter words that sometimes have way more letters than just four! I mean other words that get used like five-letter words.

For example, yesterday, when my mom and me were at the grocery store picking up more groceries, there were two grown-ups at the store fighting.  I don’t know why they had to go to the grocery store to fight because that’s a strange thing to do in the first place.  But they were at the grocery store fighting, and then the woman said to the man, “I am never going to forgive you for saying that to me.  Just wait till we get home!”

Well, that’s a weird thing to say, don’t you think?  If she’s so mad at him that she’s never going to forgive him, then she should have said, “I don’t like that you said that, so now we’re breaking up.  I’m going away from you.”  That would make more sense because if she’s not going to break up with him, that’s almost like forgiving him for what he said to her.

I wouldn’t stay with someone that something superly mean to me that made me want to never forgive them.  How would you stay living in a house with someone you’re never going to forgive?  Wouldn’t that would feel pretty yucky right away?  I think it would.

Anyway, I think grown-ups should pay more attention to words they say because kids are listening.  If you throw around words like never when you’re mad at someone, can you blame us kids when we don’t believe you when you tell us we’re never going to be allowed to do something we want to do?  You’ve got to remember:  Never is a very long word!


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