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Skunks Are Just Cats With Lots Of Smell

on March 12, 2014

I was looking out the kitchen window today, and you know what I saw?  I thought I saw a cat.  It was big and fluffy, and it had a really nice, big, fluffy tail.  Plus it was all black except for where it was white and that was on the cat’s back and all the way down his tail.  He was in my mom’s garden and I was thinking that maybe it was lost and hungry, and maybe I should take some carrots out of the fridge and give it to the cat except I don’t know if cats eat carrots.

I was almost going to do that and then my brother, Aaron, came in the kitchen and he asked me what I was doing, so I told him.  He looked outside and then he asked me where the cat was. When I looked outside, the cat was gone and that made me sad because I wanted to give him some food if he was starving to death.  Then Josh came in the kitchen and he said, “Did you guys see the skunk in the backyard?” and I said, “I didn’t, but there was a cat out there.  Were they friends and playing nice?”

Josh looked at me the funny way that boys look at girls sometimes when girls say something boys don’t get, and then he said, “She doesn’t know what skunks are all about.”  I asked him what they were all about, but he wouldn’t tell me, and all Aaron said was that if I ever see one, I have to stay away from it.

But that didn’t help me understand what skunks are all about so I went to my mom’s office and knocked on the door because that’s the way we’re supposed to do things when it’s working hours time for her.  She opened the door and I asked her what skunks were all about. She smiled and said, “Skunks are all about reputation.” And then she closed the door and went back to work.

So now I’m really mixed up because I didn’t get to feed the nice kitty cat in our backyard before it ran away, Josh saw a skunk in the backyard that I didn’t get to see and he wouldn’t tell me what they’re all about, Aaron told me to stay away from skunks (which I already know because grandpa told me that skunks are just cats with lots of smell), and my mom made me look up a word in the dictionary and I don’t get what skunks have to do with reputations.

I think I should just phone my grandpa and ask him because then I think I’ll probably get the right answer about all this crazy stuff going on over here today.  I sure hope so.


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